Post-Birthday Report

The birthday frivolities went well. I spent most of yesterday outside with my feet up, in the shade, sipping lemonade and reading. Lovely.

In short: Chocolate cake was consumed. Sniffy card was given. Toaster oven was unwrapped.

[It’s a toaster!  I can’t think of the word “toaster” without thinking about Scrooged.] 

Anyway. Everything is quietly happy here. And 33 looks to be a great deal better than 32.


5 comments on “Post-Birthday Report

  1. pam says:

    Sniffy card? Hmmm….

    Glad you had a good one!! :D

  2. pajama momma says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. Prudie says:

    Thanks guys!

    Sniffy card… one that is sappy and sniffed over when read.

  4. pajama momma says:

    Hah, I pictured a scratch n sniff card, like those stickers from when we were kids.

  5. Prudie says:


    Hmmm…. grape bubble gum scratch n sniff stickers were the best.

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