The Twelve Hour Wait

Four years ago I voted for president on the last day of early voting, the Friday before the Big Tuesday Vote. Which makes today my four year anniversary of sitting on the floor of the Gwinnett County Justice Center for 8 hours waiting to vote for W. If you count the time I stood in line, waiting to get a number to be able to sit on the floor to wait for my turn to vote, I spent a little over 12 hours in the Gwinnett County Justice Center waiting to vote for W 4 years ago.

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I just saw a YouTube video over at Instapundit I had to share. It’s wonderful. My favorite quote:

If Republicans are for the rich, than that must mean that they need the rich to keep their power. And if they need the rich to keep their power, then they need to keep the rich rich to keep their power. … If that’s the case and Democrats are for the poor, then that must mean that they need the poor and they need to keep the poor that way to keep their power.

I would add that Republicans have more to gain from making the poor rich than from keeping the poor poor. But that’s just some pesky logic again. And critical thinking isn’t something they teach in public schools these days. So pay no attention. Move along.

3 Zombies 42

13 And Prudence was sore afraid, for she did hear of the people who once were dead, but walked amongst the people of the Goddess. Prudence did hear their name whispered at night upon the dark winds, and was even more afraid of the dead called Zombies.

14 And she did ponder their love of brains.

15 And Prudence found the site for Zombies who search for love. For indeed, even Zombies deserve love.

16 Prudence did realize that while Zombies do indeed need love, they also need to be destroyed. And Prudie did covet the Urban Bone Machete, Mark II. Even the Goddess was impressed by such beauty.

17 Prudence did worry, for even the beauteous Urban Bone Machete would not be enough to fight the dreaded Zombies in large numbers. And lo! Prudie did find a link that provides most useful information for surviving Zombie attacks.

18 Prudence found more reason to worry about an oncoming Zombie Apocalypse.

19 Prudence found dead pinups and was amused at Rosie the Rivited.

20 Prudence also found Lost Zombies and was amazed.

21 Prudence found Zombies from Hollywood and laughed and rolled upon the floor until her ass did fall off.

22 Prudence rejoiced at killing Zombies, even if it was only a game.

23 And Prudence did thank Mr. Brooks most fervently for his Zombie Survival Guide.


24 And lo! Prudence found the blog of Jason Pye, he who scares neighborhood kids. And on his blog, Prudence found that President Bush shares her dislike of Zombies. And Prudence was pleased, for she found a great and noble reason to be thankful for voting for W twice.