My Celebrity BFF


You know, I just don’t understand why people worship celebrities.

Take my Jane Seymour post, for example. I was bringing the funny (or so I thought) writing about my college horse-loving possibly-lesbian roommate who loved Jane Seymour so much, and subsequently watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman so much in our dorm room, that I developed a rather intense and totally irrational hatred for anything Jane Seymour related. And that immediately brought out the Jane Seymour fangirls/sycophants who insisted on this blog that I was an uninformed, petty bitch for the said hatred. On the Jane Seymour fansite forum that linked to my post, they insisted that I was a schizophrenic*, bitter, jealous, stupid, uneducated single woman with bad hair writing improper literature. All that just because I hate Jane Seymour?


Let me get one thing out of the way: Trolls don’t bother me. Differing opinions don’t bother me. I don’t care if you call me everything but a child of God because of my opinion. It just doesn’t bother me. I am confidant enough in my own opinion that it doesn’t bother me when people disagree or call me names because of it.

What bothers me is slavish devotion to celebrities. And people who personalize their “relationships” with celebrities bother me even more.

Oh sure, if you’re defending your sister or cousin or mother or pal or boyfriend or lover or something, I can understand getting all het up over a criticism of that personal relation. But owning the complete series of House  on Special Edition DVD does not make Hugh Laurie your pal. Meeting Nathan Fillion at a SciFi convention does not make him your boyfriend. Knowing who Hugh Jackman was (via Oklahoma)  before he became famous as Wolverine does not mean he knows about you. And getting Gerard Butler’s signature at some publicity thingie does not make him your lover.

And posting to a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Forum does not make Jane Seymour your BFF. (More important, criticism of Jane Seymour does not equal criticism of you.)

Though, certainly, you can dream. Just don’t think your “personal” knowledge of celebrities means that you know them personally.

Oh sure, a lot of celebrities make an effort to give “private” information about themselves to fans. And there’s a lot of “private” information that is “leaked” to the press. Most of that is nonsense generated to create publicity and is “leaked” with the celebrity’s full knowledge and consent. The whole thing is crazy.

So yeah. When a celebrity annoys me or pisses me off or something, I’m going to write about it. And likely, it’s not going to be nice because I think celebrities are narcissistic sacks of shit and shouldn’t be worshipped with the slavish devotion they’re given.

If you want nice stuff about celebrities, go somewhere else. Go visit fan club websites or even their own websites. You’ll find other celebrity worshippers there who are just as deluded as you are. I write deluded because what you’re worshipping is fake.

Celebrities, as we know them, aren’t real people. They’re made up of bits and pieces of other people’s ideas that have been glued together to make them marketable. 

You want to idolize someone? How about your mom? How about giving her some of that slavish devotion, huh? Why not follow what’s going on in your granny’s life with the fervor you give when following some idiot celebrity’s life? Why not have a family forum where you can post about what’s happening in your sister’s life? Hell, you’ve probably got nieces and nephews who would love some of that attention.

There are plenty of everyday people who do great things and go unrecognized. Find one of them. My guess is, you already know a few. Hell, you’ve probably got a couple in your immediate family. So go call your dad and tell him how great he is for putting up with your nonsense.

Leave the celebrities to their inbred nonsensical glittery elitist little world.

* NOTE: I’ll post later about how ugly it is to use schizophrenia (or any mental illness) to make fun of someone, even when they don’t have the mental illness. I won’t post about it right now because that’s something that really pisses me off. And I like to cool down for a couple of days before I post about topics that piss me off this much. It’s never a good idea to post pissed.


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  1. pajama momma says:

    I never saw Dr. Quinn medicine woman, but I liked her in the movie, “Somewhere in Time”, with Christopher Reeve. I had a mad crush on him..

    I never really got into the celebrity obsession that other teenagers did. While their walls had teenaged boy posters platered everywhere, I had a couple kitten posters, and one U2 poster because the song Sunday Bloody Sunday really struck some sort of emotional chord with me.

  2. Prudie says:

    I’m with you on the teenage posters and teenage celebrity obsessions. No Tiger Beat for me! My friends had Vanilla Ice and New Kids on the Block posters like crazy. (Oh God, that dates me.) And they were always surprised when they came over to my house… and my room was decorated like an adult room (by my choice).

  3. pjmomma says:

    Hey! I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE the idea of a black chandelier.

    Hoping I can find one at a thrift store or yard sale and paint it black and string it up with pink and black beads.

  4. Not of any importance says:

    I quote: “It’s never a good idea to post pissed.”

    What did you just do then? No offense from my side but if you were not pissed writing this I don’t even want to know how it looks like when you’re pissed. ; )

  5. Marita says:

    Thats great that it doesn’t bother you if it doesn’t. You should be strong enough in yourself that it doesn’t bother you. Just like I’m strong enough in myself that, this blog doesn’t bother me. :)
    But just remember, as you were giving your opinion about someone you don’t know….we were merely giving our opinions.
    And trust me, my mom & I are VERY CLOSE & I have so much respect for her. She is one of the biggest role models in my life, and she knows it. I’ve let her know numerious times. AND, she is actually taking that road trip with me to meet Jane Seymour,lol. My sister is too. We are taking the time for the 3 of us to spend time together, its gonna be great!
    And your advice to visit “fansites”….that is the way I found out about “Prudence Ponder” otherwise, I would never have known your site existed, sorry.
    I hope your right saying that none of our comments bothered you,because the way you wrote this blog, you sound abit defensive & upset. Don’t be, we all have our opinions. We shared ours just as you did yours. And when you write these blogs….be prepared that there will be those who give their opinions too that will be different from yours among those who will agree with you.
    Be strong in what you feel, and don’t get too upset like you did on the Jane Seymour Blog,ok, she has a huge fan base! As many celebs do & many other ROLE MODELS do, so be prepared for that from now on ok!!!!!
    Good Luck!

  6. Caty Nicole says:

    A lot of us actually do know Jane better than you would think…there are some that know her on a more personal level. I could care less about the fact that she’s a celebrity. That’s not what makes me like her. Don’t get me wrong. I love and respect all her work, but that’s not the reason why I defend Jane. I’ve talked with Jane about very personal things. I’m not just one who has gotten an autograph and a picture and that’s it. I’ve spent time with her, I’ve talked with her, I’ve gotten emails from her (straight from her, not an assistant). She’s helped me through some tough times and has influended my life tremendously. But i guess that’s something that you can’t understand.
    So you can think what you’d like, but none of us from the Dr Quinn forum are obessed with Jane the celebrity. We don’t worship her as you claim that we do. And we are not deluded. You don’t know Jane and you don’t know us. You don’t know how well any of us know her either. You shouldn’t judge people who you know nothing about. You’re the one judging only by what’s on the surface, only by the “celebrity image.” I know you don’t believe this, but fame does not make a person not real. You need to look beyond a person’s celebrity.
    And I’m sorry if anything that we said offened you or hurt you, but maybe now you can see what it feels like to have people form opinions about you without knowing you.

  7. Prudie says:

    I guess no one read the part about me not caring when people disagreed with me or called me names…

    Obviously, you guys are getting all worked up over this. So if it upsets you that much, don’t come here. Simple. Sheesh.

  8. Not of any importance says:

    Maybe I missed something but I think nobody called you names. Well anyway. As you all here said you don’t care when people disagree. To be honest, for not caring you ALL spend quite some time responding. Prudie, just as they react to your blog you don’t miss to respond to their comments about your blog. So, I guess you are all caring in a way, otherwise you would not react at all. This is quite normal and everyone does it from time to time. It is funny though how people sometimes are contradictory without even realizing it (I am talking about people in general, it is NOT you especially that I am talking about). And to see this is quite entertaining. ; ) LOL

  9. Prudie says:

    Gawd, I hate blog drama.

    One more thing…

    If you really don’t care, then leave me the hell alone. You’re beginning to annoy me.

    I didn’t start this. You guys did. All I did was post my own opinion on my own blog. (Do you even know what hyperbole is? Good grief.) And yes, it’s a public blog and it’s to be expected that there would be different opinions. I understand that very well. But you guys didn’t. One of you guys got upset about it and targeted me.

    Why do I say you targeted me? I didn’t register on your silly forum and poke at you. You linked to me. And then you all came here en masse and trolled about for blog drama, which I didn’t give you because I don’t give a shit one way or another about you or your opinion or your fan club.

    Some of you actually had the guts to comment on my first post. (Though, I would like to point out that none of you had the guts to link to your forum where you found the link to my blog. That was truly cowardly. Didn’t want to expose how nasty you saintly Jane worshippers are, hmmm?) I didn’t even know about your fan forum until you guys commented, mentioning that you found a link here from another site, and I wondered where and how you guys all found my blog.

    So I followed your referrer links back to your forum and found your nasty little barbs aimed at me. But still, I didn’t respond to your comments on that first post because I didn’t care one way or the other. Frankly, I figured the whole thing was over and didn’t care to revive it. So, getting no drama from me, you went back to your forum and poked more fun at me.

    It got uglier. I know this because people from that forum kept clicking on the link at the forum, which shows up on my blog statistics. So I know every time someone from that site reads this blog. I wondered why I was getting such high traffic from there and I followed you guys back to your hidey hole.

    [Side note: And yeah, when you make fun of someone with a mental illness, even when it’s “not serious” or it’s only “sarcasm” and even when that person doesn’t really have the mental illness, that pushes a few of my buttons because it’s unfair. Had you said someone else was schizophrenic, I would have responded the same way. It doesn’t push my buttons because it’s personal. It pushes my buttons because making fun of an illness isn’t right. And yet people throw words like “crazy” and “schizophrenic” and “bipolar” around for insults. You know what? It is insulting, but not specifically to me. It’s insulting to every person who suffers some illness they can’t help but have. People with mental illnesses can’t help their illnesses any more than someone with Down’s syndrome or Parkinson’s can help theirs. You wouldn’t make fun of someone with cancer just because they had cancer would you? Of course not. It takes all kinds of an asshole to do that. And yet, it’s OK to use a mental illness for making fun of someone? It was an asshole thing to do. ‘Fess up. OK. I’m off my soapbox on that topic.]

    So call me names. Fine. I don’t care. Have at it. One of you said here on my blog, “maybe now you can see what it feels like to have people form opinions about you without knowing you.” This is precisely why I don’t care. It’s why I never did. You don’t know me. It’s also precisely why I don’t understand your idolatry of Jane Seymour. You don’t know her. (Some of you say you do. Whatever. You may. I don’t care. Don’t bother correcting me. You already have tried… ad nauseum.) Why would you take my opinion so personally? But you did. And you blame me for my opinion by saying that I’m thin skinned and need help and schizophrenic and poorly coifed and over opinionated and desperately single or whatever else it all was.

    And that was just because I hate Jane Seymour? For crying out loud, that’s no fan club – that’s a cult defending their kool-aid dispensing leader. It’s not like I went over to your site and started a brawl over your fandom. No, I was over here minding my own business.

    But don’t come here and play the victim. Don’t come here and say that I started all this because I posted my opinion in public and you merely responded to it. Please. Once again, I’ll explain: I didn’t take my opinion to you. You brought yours to me. It’s on you.

    (Please note: I obviously know the URL of your forum and yet I did not link to it and tell all my blog buddies to go troll it. You can’t say the same. You were pissed at my opinion and decided to set me straight. Well, you tried. Now go away. I’m obviously not going to ever like Jane Seymour. If there ever was a chance of that, you guys have shot that down now.)

    And don’t come here and try to convince me that I’m wrong. I don’t care if Jane Seymour is all sweetness and light and rainbows and unicorns and pink fluffy bunnies and gold shit. Please note, as many of you pointed out on your forum, that I didn’t criticize her actions or her acting or whatever. (Though, I do think her hair is too freaking long for a woman her age.)

    As I said in my first post, I hate her because I had to watch episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman every freaking day my freshman year in college because I had a roommate who was obsessed. (I feel the very same way about Beavis and Butthead for the very same reason. Are you going to defend them, too?)

    And then I found out about the new Jane Seymour Prudence show thingie and thought it would be funny to write about it, my former roommate, and the connection to my blog name. (Rest assured, had I found out that there would be a new Beavis and Butthead movie titled Prudence Somethingorother, I would have written the very same thing about them.)

    Jeebus. (I know I’m repeating myslef. I feel like I have to.)

    So I wrote this post about how pathetic it is to worship the empty shell of celebritydom because your forum confused me mightily. (I would like to point out that at this point, I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t pissed. I wasn’t feeling anything but a strong dislike of Jane Seymour in general and a very strong confusion over celebrity idolatry specifically. Thus, this “My Celebrity BFF” post.)

    I thought you guys would leave me alone. You’d already said the kind of things I would expect from rabid, committed fans. And you said it many times over. I got it. I don’t agree. I thought you’d leave it.

    But. Yet again you linked to me, to this post. Yet again you brought your opinion to me. Yet again, I got traffic from your site where you guys commented thinking I couldn’t see it. Yet again, I didn’t write one word on your fucking forum. Yet again, you got uglier.

    You berate me for my opinion on my own blog. Which is fine. I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal; I am well accustomed to defending harsh opposition with my opinions.

    I’ve written it so many times, in so many ways, I don’t know how else to put it: I don’t care. But you still come here and abuse my comment section. And you couch the abuse in concern over my ability to withstand the pressure of differing opinions. So I’ll write it again for the fifteen-millionth time or so: I don’t care that you disagree and I don’t care that you call me names. I’ve blogged since 1997; you can’t blog that long and have a thin skin. So stop being so fucking contrived in your worry for me, thank you very much. I don’t need or want your silly advice, your insincere worry, or your oft stated opinion.

    And don’t come here and try to explain away your poor behavior by saying that you do have a close and personal relationship with la Seymour. I don’t care. One of you got upset at what I wrote. That’s fine. But don’t send the entire Church of Jane Seymour to attack. I don’t want it. I don’t deserve it. And really, you guys overreacted. You came here looking for a fight with someone you thought was an angry uneducated female, someone you thought you could beat into submission. And all you got was this one angry comment from me.

    So don’t fucking come to my site and pretend to be holier than me because you see some moral superiority in Jane Seymour idolatry, because you don’t appreciate my fucking language, because you don’t understand hyperbole, because you don’t have a fucking sense of humor, and/or because you think you have some personal relationship with Jane Seymour. (AGAIN: I don’t care if you do. I don’t care if you don’t.)

    Right now, all I care about is getting you off of my back because I’m sick of dealing with this nonsense. (Gawd, you guys are worse than Paulbots.)

    Well, fuck it. I’m finally pissed about the whole thing. Happy now? Congratulations! Now go away.

    And good grief, who knew Jane Seymour was so popular in Germany? Sheesh.

  10. Not of any importance says:

    I guess they might finally accept your wish because I guess everyone said ugly things. On both sides ugly things were said some more ugly some less ugly. Anyway, yes she is popular around the world but that does not matter. It’s ok you don’t like her. That was never really the reason for them to come here I guess. And just to note, nobody is perfect neither are they nor are you nor am I. I’ll stop talking about this now.

    Now to say something to the actual intention of this blog. ; )
    I agree with you. Totally idiolizing celebrities is really stupid, IMO as well. Especially because they are only normal people as well just that their jobs make them stand in public all the time. Sadly some really change through their fame and become a totally different person, thinking they are better than any of us ‘normal’ people. I see your point here. : )

  11. Prudie says:

    I don’t know why they came here. If you know, please feel free to enlighten me.

    My post was mean, yes. It was deliberately, exaggeratedly mean to be funny. And you know, my blog buddies got the joke.

    After the fans showed up, I was left with the conclusion that celebrity fans take their celebrity love all too seriously. Which is why I wrote this post. And yeah, this one was mean. But until I wrote this post, none of what I said was aimed at Jane Seymour’s fans. They imagined that all on their own. Go back and read that first post and tell me where I said anything about them there. I didn’t.

    But yeah, when people become famous, they change. And often, they change to become famous, which seems like a lie. Also, they pretend to be things they aren’t. That’s also a lie. All of that bothers me.

  12. Not of any importance says:

    Honestly there is nothing that you said about them at the beginning. I just guess that they didn’t like the way you were talking about Jane Seymour reducing her to things she can’t help, like that she had to ride horses on DQ, or that her name was Prudence on that Hallmark movie. Alright, you maybe were trying to be funny but for them it obviously was not funny. Ok, that didn’t give them the right to judge about you or to say such things but they are only human beings as well. I guess they quickly felt insulted later when you started getting personal as well. To what extend doesn’t matter. I guess all of them and you as well got caught up in getting mad for no real reason (I mean the actual reason why it started) and on both sides things were said that should not have been said. Anyways… whatever has been said on both sides I am sure it was not always meant like that. All it did was to provoke the other one. The positive thing is: on both sides there were also posts without hatred in them.
    As to why they came here…I don’t know. Maybe by accident one of them saw this and got mad. I heard about this story on the DWTS forum where really mean and much more hateful things were said about Jane Seymour. (e.g. That she used her mother’s death to stay another week. That really is ugly and you just don’t make fun of things like that.) Anyway, maybe they have seen so many of such mean blogs that they really get mad at seeing another. I think they didn’t really mean to hurt you but they did but I also think that this was just a result of the first angry moments. As you said it’s never good to post or blog when you’re pissed. Guess this just happened on both sides and many things were a big misunderstanding.

    Gosh ok… I see why that change of personality in celebrities bothers you. I really do. Though I don’t think a generalisation is good at this point. I mean there must be some that really stayed the person they have been before and just have more money. Just like there always will be those who just can’t handle all that popularity and all the money so they drink alcohol and start using. Sad when that happens.

  13. Marita says:

    Don’t worry, not gonna attack you here. But for all others here who respond too (in the attacking mode towards us Jane Seymour fans,lol)= this is for Prudie and Prudie only. I’m not reading or caring what your opinions are (although I respect that you have those opinions) at this time.
    I am not going to apologize for my opinions on your blog because I do agree with my opinions and have my opinions. However, I am going to be the bigger person here and apologize for the way it all got out of hand. I agree with what I said, but I read back & I didn’t say them the way I should have or with the wording that I should have. So, for that I apologize.
    I agree that it all was blown out of proportion, however, I believe it got out of hand on BOTH sides. Our side and your side.
    I am not trying to change you, I just feel that what I gathered from you and I know I don’t know you….but that you are a negative person in many ways. And maybe abit unhappy in some areas. That you were attacking others maybe to make yourself feel better. LIke hating Jane Seymour, just because of your roommate,etc. To me, maybe you don’t actually hate Jane Seymour, but you can’t watch her and she bugs you BECAUSE of your roommate. Maybe thats it? Maybe if you didn’t have to hear so much about her from your roommate and know of all those episodes your roommate watched & taped,etc….maybe you would actually like Jane? Maybe its not Jane you hate, its the memory of your annoying roommate. Just something to think about. ;)
    Just like, as silly as this sounds, I LOVE this Stir-Fry Microwave dinner that I use to buy all the time, but I got really sick on it once. So, just because of that one REALLY BAD getting sick experience, I can’t ever eat that specific brand again. I still love stir fry, just not that brand…because of that one night I got sick. lol. It brings back bad memories.
    Maybe Jane Seymour brings back annoying memories of your roommate. Therefore, I can understand you not being able to watch Jane,like Jane,etc. Maybe that is how it is, I could understand that.
    I still stick to my opinions, I definately do. I’m a stubborn person in my ways. lol. However, I see that you are too. And you have that right just as we all do. Although I’m not apologizing for my opinions, I am apologizing that our opinions affecting you so much and irritated you so much.
    We do all need to have a reminder sometimes that others opinions will not always be our own opinion. And sometimes we can all get carried away & get caught up in the moment and get irritated or defensive. I think we all did, including you.
    So, I know you won’t or won’t want to apologize for your rudeness and strong hasty language. For example, the “f” word. Not a goody-goody here, far from it, but that word just gets under my skin when used rudely. I feel that the slang really isn’t a good substitute for actual language, its an excuse to try to sound more hasty,etc. (not saying for u to apologize for your opinion, just how u stated it.), thats not in you. I’m gonna be a big person & do the right thing. Sorry we upset you so much.
    We’re all human and we all get carried away. We need a reminder sometimes & this is one of those times for all of us. None of us should apologize for or take back our opinions because they are ours….but we all should not attack each other the way we did. Including you.
    So, on my part, I’m being a big person and moving forward. Postively and happily. I hope you do the same!!
    Good luck in the future with your writng Prudie!! I am also a published writer. I have had a book published thats doing very well, and a poem published. And my publisher has asked me to start thinking and planning the sequel to my first book. Writing can be a great thing. My writing is just a bit different than yours. lol.
    Have a good one!

  14. Prudie says:

    I think my point about the timeline was missed a bit in the length of my last comment. So I’ll say it simply.

    1. I wrote my opinion on my blog. It was intended to be funny. Though I did not like Jane Seymour, it wasn’t personal… as I explained above.

    2. One of you decided it was offensive and linked it on your forum.

    3. Several of you came here and commented. On this blog, in the comment section of that first post, you called me jealous, unhappy, negative, petty, mean, vulgar, unmannered, and shallow.

    4. I did not repond to the name calling, but became curious as to the nature of the site that linked here.

    5. I followed your trail back to your forum and found that the name calling was much, much worse there. Before I wrote this post, I was called on your forum mean-spirited, jealous, bitter, stupid, immature, poorly-coifed, schizophrenic, annoying, and brainless.

    6. I recieved emails from a couple of you that were much worse.

    7. Because the emails and comments were not the words of one person defending a stranger, I wrote this post, questioning people who take criticism of celebrities personally.

    All you had to do was state your opposition to my opinion and that would have been that. You attacked me personally from the start. It didn’t bother me at first. But yeah, after the emails, it began to bother me.

    I couldn’t open my email account or come to my blog without one of you repeating the other. And you all said the same thing… over and over and over and over… ad nauseum. I’m bitter. I’m pitiful. I’m mean. I’m crazy. I need therapy. I have bad hair.

    Whatever. All that is moot. You think I’m a bad person. I think you’re all deluded. Let’s leave it at that, shall we?

    I’ve been far too nice with the ban hammer… No longer.

  15. Romy says:


    You are right, Prudie. I am actually one of those having said mean things (schizophrenic etc.). I want you to know that I am sorry about this. I apologize to you and to all those people who actually do suffer from mental illnesses and I mean it. I don’t know what got into me. I know that saying I had a bad day and this just topping it all is not an excuse at all and I know now that it was totally wrong. I usually am not like that. I am also sorry for getting your intention wrong (in your first blog). Another thing I am sorry about is that I linked here again. Actually reading everything now and knowing what you meant by it I know that you are not a bad person. You just express your thoughts differently than I would (normally) and it just has been misunderstood. This all got out of control. I stick to my opinion on the subject BUT I do really apologize for the way I said things and what I said about you personally without knowing you at all. I hope you do accept my apology.

  16. Prudie says:

    “Romy” or “not of any importance” or whatever you’re calling yourself right now to get past the fact that I blocked you: Apology accepted.

    You’re entitled to your opinions. It was the personlization of your defense of JS that got to me… that and the whole illness thing and the “understandably single” comments and the congratulating each other on having “showed me”. I’m sorry if you guys were offended by what I wrote. I don’t see how you would be, but you obviously were.

    I would suggest in the future that you not jump to comment on blogs without understanding the atmosphere to which to you are entering. A thicker skin where JS is concerned might help, too.

    I’ve banned you twice now. Please don’t try to get past the ban again. Thanks and goodbye.

  17. Prudie says:

    Comments closed on this post.

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