Jane Seymour, Girl Detective

I have a confession: I fucking hate Jane Seymour.

During the 90’s my horse crazy, probably lesbian, college roommate was crazy for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman starring Seymour. And that loony roommate taped every single episode every freaking week so she could watch them over and over and over again. Over and over and over and over again.

Do you know what Dr Quinn was about? Lots and lot of shots of Jane Seymour swinging that long hair about as she rode horses from sicko to sicko. And there was some scuzzy younger man in there somewhere as a love interest. But mostly, it was Jane Seymour riding horses, which explained my roommate’s interest in the show.

So. I wasn’t thrilled to learn that Jan Seymour is back. And the bitch is stealing my name.

And yes, I am petty enough to hate people I’ve never met when they annoy me.

UPDATE: The Local Malcontent (who isn’t really local to me) is such a sweetheart. Sniff.


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  1. I share your ‘unbridled’ outrage, Prudie, and as such, I will not watch this mere ‘made for TV movie’; instead hope that it finds the bottom of the dumpster very soon.
    I will not stand by, imagining my influential Georgia friend ‘saddled’ with any association to this one-hit wonder, and one time fantasy of a college roomie.

    I expect others to take similar afront to this. In the meantime, I’ll spread the word, too.
    There’s nothing at all wrong with hating people … when they annoy you, girl.

  2. Marita says:

    Sounds to me like someone…make that two people…are abit oh shall we say “VERY JEALOUS OF JANE SEYMOUR!!”. Jane Seymour is an amazing wife, mother, sister, aunt, actress, writer, producer,author,artist,etc,etc,etc. Yet, NONE OF IT has gone to her head. She is funny, intelligent, loving, caring,etc,etc,etc, extremely down to earth and has a Heart Of Gold. She spends alot of her money and alot of her time helping SEVERAL charities, some of which she has been helping for over 30 years. I am blessed enough to be able to meet her in 2 weeks!! She’s been my favorite celebrity since I was about 8 years old (25 now) and she is an inspirational role model for many including myself. Oh & by the way its JANE not “Jan” as I noticed you messed up with towards the end of your little paragraph. So, yes Jane is Gorgeous and Talented and has a Heart of Gold…its not her fault that your Jealous of her. Maybe you should learn about yourself, the kind of person you want to be and work at it! Its obvious your not happy with yourself, or your life and lifestyle…so it causes you to be jealous of people like Jane Seymour. Find yourself and maybe you’ll be more happy within yourself!! God Bless and Good Luck in your search!! You shouldn’t be so negative in your life!!

  3. Marita says:

    Oh and by the way “Prudie”, she didn’t steal your name. Prudence McCoy is a REAL name of an actual person. The movie “Dear Prudence” is about that ACTUAL person & Jane was chosen to play that person. SO, she didn’t steal your name, its the name of her charactor. WOW…. I hope you find happiness in your life somehow! You shouldn’t go through your life so bitter!!

  4. Kurt P says:

    Ok Prudy, I’ll help you boycott her.

    Does it count my not watching her if I don’t even have the Hallmark chanel programmed in?

    Or should I program it and then not watch it?

  5. Caty Nicole says:

    Well said Marita!
    I know Jane Seymour, and she is everything that Marita said. I feel blessed and honored to know a beautiful person like Jane…and I don’t mean that she’s just pretty, she has the heart of an angel.
    You did get one thing right however….you are petty.

  6. Anne says:

    Well, it’s right, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but why do you need to get so bitter over a woman, an actress who has nothing done to you? Maybe you’re one of the people who look in the mirror each morning thinking, “Damn, why can’t I look like Jane Semyour”. Well, I do that too, but I don’t get all fired up about it. I still love her, and no, I’m not a Lesbian, I’m totally straight. It’s the things I know about her, her work, her personality… everything, that make me like her.

    Being jealous at someone is okay, but getting mean and vulgar because of this is very low. But perhaps you just don’t know better. Perhaps your parents forgot to teach you some decend manners.

  7. Anne says:

    Oops yeah, I know. I made a typo. It should be “decent”, not “decend”, LOL … before you start taring and feathering me.

  8. To Marita: by stating that yuou personally know Ms. Seymore, and indeed will meet with her within two weeks’ time,
    somewhat invalidates your posted comment here, because of your obvious bias, Toots.

    Also, Margarita, whatever, you have taken Prudies’ comments totally out of context, which exposes you as the pandering, celebrity-whore you claim to be, by your own words….

    Are you Prudies’ former college roommate? Jus’ wonderin, since you two seem alike. ]
    Have you taped all of Seymore’s videos as well?

    GAAK~! Ms. Prudence Ponder, GA, is much too honorable to address your instantly rebutted , knee-jerk attacks here.
    Something Ms. Seymore could look into, review, for some future role for herself.
    For Gawd’s sake, why come here and attack her, and me by your plural inference, when Prudie’s original remarks are so intensely personal to begin with?

    Why don’t you just mind your own business, Marita?

  9. Vmaximus says:

    wow the haters are out in force. I didn’t know who Jane was, but the Dr Quinn struck a chord. She is still around?

    Heheh, say something else Prudie, they are entertaining little buggers.

  10. Marita says:

    Thats funny, I don’t recall claiming that I know Jane “personally”. I don’t know her “Personally” but I will get to meet her in 2 weeks which will be wonderful to get to meet her one on one. Thats ok that you misunderstood that, it happens. And by the way dear, check your spelling. :). And it doesn’t “invalidate” anything. Have a wonderful & blessed day…”Toots”. :)
    And Margarita didn’t take anything out of content, its pretty clear to several people how she wrote what she wrote and why she wrote it. Its kind of obvious with the cuss words that she used.Margarita did just fine in her comment. :)
    And no, we are not the former roommates, and no we are not lesbians. Trust me far from a lesbian here!! lol.
    We were just stating our opinions as Miss “Prudie” was.
    Now now, so Miss Prudie is honorable enough to ignore our comments, but your obviously not…what does that say about you? lol. Maybe it says that she understands that we have an opinion just as she has & chose to let us write as she wrote. You are the one that seems to have an issue with our comments. Its kind of funny for you to call her so honorable to ignore our comments…yet you can’t ignore them yourself. Are you saying your not honorable? Thats not very nice to say about yourself!!
    Besides, if you think we were so rude on our comments to someone we don’t know personally, isn’t Miss Prudie rude to say such things about Jane when she doesn’t know her? Aren’t her remarks “Knee-jerk attacks”.
    You sound alittle hypocritical. But thats ok, you have that right to be that way. :)
    And also, when Prudie wrote her “opinion” on here she knew very well that others would leave their “opinions” as well. Isn’t that kind of the point, to beable to respond to her opinion with her opinion? I mean, why else would there be the option to leave a comment if you can’t share your opinion as she shared hers? I’m sure she expected opinioned and comments to be added on here as she did wether they were opinions similar to her’s or not.
    SO, this isn’t to be rude towards you, I just think you need to practice what your preaching here. BUT, that is your opinion and you have that right. But, if your telling me to “Mind my own business”….technically, your not minding your own business when you butted into mine. Thats making you look hypocritical. lol. BUT, I wouldn’t say that to you because you have the right to state your opinion on here as its open to comments, opinions,etc. So, thank you for stating your OPINION as I did mine. Have a good one! And try to relax! :)

  11. Marita says:

    Ok, I see what you did “LOCALMALCONTENT”,…you got me mixed up with “Caty” on here. CATY personally knows Jane Seymour, I DON’T KNOW Jane Personally, but I will meet her in 2 weeks. See, there you started snapping off at me, and you didn’t even have your information straight!! lol. So…relax…take a deep breath…and all will be ok!! ok!! :)

  12. Marita says:

    And also “LOCALMALCONTENT” your judging us yet you called Margarita a “Whore” in so many words. Wow, and you don’t even “personally” know her. I am starting to really feel bad and sorry for you. I’m gonna keep you in my prayers!

  13. Marita says:

    Oh & JANE SEYMOUR, you keep mispelling her name DOES review her future roles. She talks with the people the movie is about, does research,etc,etc,etc. Boy, your judging people left and right before getting the facts. And before you say we judged Prudie before the facts, she gave us her facts. Thank you, God Bless, Relax, don’t be so bitter!!

  14. Dr. Marita, Medicine woman–

    thanks for the diagnosis and prescription, toots.

  15. Marita says:

    Hey LocalMalContent:
    Thats cute, thank you! And surprisingly clever!! You gave us all a laugh here, thank you!! Have a good one! :)

  16. Vmaximus says:

    They keep going!
    I like Haters!

    Go Local, keep kicking the hornets nest it is teh fun!

  17. Wickedpinto says:

    rachal ray irritates me to no end. I liked her on food network, I hate her on CBS.

    Caroline Ray, now, I would like to know ONE thing about caroline ray that means she should be shit ass rich, fat, not take care of herself and think everyone should be a tubbo like she is, even though she can afford a personal trainer.

    My buddies aunt used to love Rosie back when she was the queen of nice.

    This was back when I was in the MC, and MOST people IN do community service work “voluntarily” to promote fitness and shit like that.

    What did shit ass rich rosey, who could have taken care of her disgusting pathetic and damn near mesazoic ass by putting in a little effort, hiering a personal trainer and maybe dumping some of that tonnage she gained because she hates herself so much she wants to die as soon as possible do?

    “FAT CLUBS!!!”


    Join a fat club! “You will die 30 years earlier than your friends, but take PRIDE IN THAT!!!!”


    My Poor ass, who, as a percentile EVERY YEAR I was in the MC, donated more than 11% of my total income. MORE …. EVERY YEAR!!….

    And my poor ass went out, and found ways of teaching kids to become physicaly active.

    “It’s not all track and field, you like baseball? Okay, well, I got a pretty good arm, so how about. . . . . . .You (pick a random kid) Pitch to me. and you all take turns running to second, lets see if you can steal a base on me.” (of course I soft threw.)

    other friends had other gimmicks, but these kids DID something, rather than go all sally fields and write bad poetry on their stupid blogs, thinking they were political genius’.

    I’m a pig now, why?

    I didn’t take my own advice, and why should I?

    Rosey is swimming, actually kinda floating based upon natural buoyancy, in cash.

    What a great example these stupid little self righteous twats are.

    Sorry for using twat, I only promised no “c” word, never said I wouldn’t say twat.

  18. Prudie says:

    Good grief. Who knew Jane Symour had so many troll friends surfing the iternet waiting to defend her… er… honor? Yet ONE MORE reason to hate the bitch.


    I am such a pudding stick.

    LM, you know I love you, right? I do. You’re so sweet. And I think you’re a bit of a pudding stick too… which is totally adorable.

    WP, I love you too. And you may use the “c” word to your heart’s content. But, you know, no hating on fat kids! That’s just not kosher.

    Kurt P, it is enough that you hate her in your heart. No programming is necessary.

  19. Marita says:

    LOL, Prudie, you crack me up! :)
    Yes you are right, Jane is very popular with alot of fans & friends. She’s actually considered a “Hollywood Legend” and has a star on the Walk Of Fame and is considered Hollywood’s English Rose. So I am sorry dear, you may hear about her alot from time to time, she is extremely popular, just block it out & you’ll be fine!!
    And the majority of us found this out on here from another website, honestly, otherwise, I’d would have never known of “Prudence Ponder” or known it existed.
    And your right, don’t make fun of pleasanty plump kiddos!!
    Its good you have your group of “Jane Haters” so your not alone in this world because the “Jane Lovers” outnumber you BIG TIME!! SO, its good you have your lil group!! That way your not alone!! Have a good day everyone!

  20. Not of any importance says:

    Well, I am not even going to start bashing at you because actually I consider myself being well-behaved. I’d just like to leave you some advice that you may think about or just leave it be.

    I accept your opinion although your argumentation is very shallow. A little more research would certainly do you and your blog good. Maybe even sorting out your thoughts better before expressing them. Facts are essential in an argumentation and your blog is sadly lacking facts. Saying that the show Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman was only about the lead actress swinging her hair around and riding around certainly shows that you have no idea what you are talking about. It also shows that you have not seen one single episode from start to finish.

    You might not like what I said but you may accept that there is truth in it. If not then you may just go on writing bad researched blogs full of meanness and foul language. You don’t need to call someone a b**** to say that you don’t like that person.

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