Be Merciful

And please shove an ice pick in my ears the next time I hear a fervent believer spout on and on about the coming climate change that will kill all of us lest we do something about it. And by “do something about it” they mean “wreck the economy, starve millions of people, and knock us back to the stone age” because they’re looking forward to living in either 1) some Mad Max /Waterworld type apocalyptic post-tech world or 2) some Garden of Eden pre-forbidden-fruit-bite ideal in which they coexist in peaceful harmony with all of nature with nary a “footprint” or hunk of roasted meat to be found. They remind me of all those extremists back in 1999 stocking up on water and beef jerky, looking forward to the coming Y2K anarchy with the same post-tech dreams.* 


Mrs. du Toit wrote a most excellent post about the war for oil, the global economy, hurricanes, ice picks, and China (plus some). And they all connect. Here’s a small sample (emphasis mine):

Ever since we began talking of war, Fifth Columnists have done a dandy job of spreading the meme, “It’s about oilllll.” Well, of course it is, and no it isn’t.

If we examine the skirmishes in the Middle East in the last 100 years, the majority of them have been about oil, but not in the way the Fifth Columnist’s claim.  That’s why their crap has coattails, because there is an element of truth to what they say, but their conclusions, and premise, are totally wrong.  It isn’t because we’re trying to steal their oil.  It is because they’re trying to blackmail the world by hoarding it.

Nice. Go to.

*NOTE: Nothing wrong with stocking up on emergency supplies. In fact, I’d say there’s something wrong if you don’t have emergency supplies. But some of the sickos that got all het up over the Y2K thing were gleeful… in a masturbatory kind of way. They freaked me out. Emergency planning is all well and good, but they wanted it to happen, whatever “it” was in their minds.