You’re Going To Get Coal In Your Stocking

’cause you’re a Yuppie scum. I love this video. The best part?

How can anyone be offended by a fat guy who gives out free stuff? What? Are we all pissed at Santa because he’s all fat and happy and perfectly content with his image? It’s like all these neo-Yuppies want to give him an inferiority complex and put him on a fuckin’ fat kids’ Fatkin’s diet. And that’s why I like Santa. ‘Cause he’s a fat bastard, works one day a year, is actually happy, and eats all the cookies he wants! He rewards the good and punishes the guilty. Kind of like a vigilante with gifts.


I love it. Santa: the epitome of fat acceptance.


4 comments on “You’re Going To Get Coal In Your Stocking

  1. Ms Rachy says:

    “Believe in the powaaaaa of Santa… or get nothing”

    Classic! I love it :-)

  2. Abbadon says:

    Fatkin’s diet, not fat kids. It’s a reference to an earlier rabt that Foamy did about the Atkin’s diet…

    Yeah, Foamy is Jesus dick!

  3. Abbadon says:

    RANT, not rabt…


  4. Prudie says:

    OK. I fixed it. Thanks!

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