102 Minutes

I just watched a documentary, 102 Minutes That Changed America, on the History Channel.

I’ve seen a lot of documentaries on 9/11. Most just rehash the coverage we all watched. This one, however, presented video I’d not yet seen. Most of it was amateur video, with all the crazy camera movements you’d expect. [I know now why a lot of 9/11 survivors couldn’t watch Cloverfield.] Oh, I’ve seen hours and hours of footage from news helicopters and such, and I’ve read witness accounts of the events, but until this documentary, I didn’t realize truly how apocalyptic it must have seemed on the ground.

It shows the rolling, smothering waves of debris and smoke from the perspective of the people running from it. It shows them running with the smoke seemingly giving chase behind. And you know that the smoke is going to catch them because you’ve seen professional news footage of them walking out covered in debris later on, but you hold your breath anyway, hoping that they could run a little faster or somehow get away from it because it seems so ominous, so alive, so threatening. Eventually it consumes them, and then consumes the cameraman, and then the world goes black. All you hear is the gasps of the cameraman as he struggles to breathe through the waves of debris in the air.

Powerful stuff, that.

You should see the documentary. It was very good, the best I’ve seen of the type yet.


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