Search Engine Hijinx

Here’s some lovely search phrases people used to find my blog. I’m thrilled, thrilled, I tell you, about some of them. I’ve even categorized them for you. De nada.


fat pep: I don’t understand this one. Ive never thought of fat as particularly peppy, though I have known some peppy fat chicks. Does that count?

Prudie got fat: What did you hear? From whom? Well. I’ve been fat. For quite some time. I’m perfectly OK with it. Most of the time.


cutest cranky puppies

LOL dogs

cranky puppy

cute puppy

cute puppies saying stuff: I got a lot of puppy hits this last week from search engines. When did I become the puppy blogger? I don’t even have a pet, much less a dog. Sheesh. They must be looking for Pam.


ATT sucks: Why yes, it does. I had a lot of hits from this phrase, too. Take THAT you mean old, consumer unfriendly, stupid corporate giant!

1850 hated mormons: It did?

I hate Prudence: I had a few of these, too. Heh.

I hate rachel ray: And I understand why, too!


game fugde: Hhu?

F to the R:  And that was all it took to get that stinking song back in my head. ARRRRGHHHHH!!!

Southerner xenophobic: None to be found here!

sex movie: What have you heard? I’ve made no such movie!

dear prudie advice: I’m not that Prudie. Sorry.


foot smellers

foot smellers wanted: There were a lot of hits from some combination of “foot smellers” and “foot smellers wanted.” A lot. A whole lot. TONS. Overwhelmingly, this was my most popular search engine phrase hit. I’m so confused.


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  1. pam says:

    Oh, YUCK. Foot smellers? Pppffftttt……

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