Pintos and Cheese

Wickedpinto is blogging again over at Absolute Moral Authority and at the Hostages. Go visit. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s the guy who won’t have kids because he’s a coward. And he thinks people who abort kids are traitors.

I think I know what that means, but with WP, you never know. He’s funny. He’s wicked. And presumably, he’s a pinto. Horse or bean? POS car? I don’t know. Go see.

Anyway. Abortion. I hate the topic. It was one thing about Neal Boortz’s talk radio show I always depended on when I listened: the topic of abortion is always off limits.

Unfortunately, during a big election year like this one, the topic is always hanging around. I’ll be honest: I’ve never based my vote on whether the candidate is pro-choice or pro-life. Take Palin, for example. I don’t care that she’s pro-life. Everything else about her makes me so happy, I just don’t care.

Oh, it’s not that I’m pro-choice. It’s not that I’m pro-life. (Even the names of the sides of the argument make me uncomfortable.) I’m somewhere in the middle. I think most people are. My views on abortion are  confusing and contradictory:

  • I think abortions should be available to victims of incest/rape and to women whose lives are in danger from giving birth. (Though, I would hope that women who know that their lives are in danger if they become pregnant would be super-duper extra careful not to get pregnant. It would save the rest of us so much hassle debating cut off dates and such.)
  • I think partial birth abortions shouldn’t be allowed no matter the circumstances.
  • I think abortions are murder.
  • I think abortions should be allowed up to a certain point in pregnancy. What that point should be, I don’t know. Maybe it should be at the point which the baby has a 50% chance of living outside of the womb. I don’t know. Any plan I come up with seems stupid and impossible to implement.

Here’s the thing about abortion: I’ve never seriously given it any thought. Seriously. It’s never been an issue I’ve thought about because I’ve never considered how it would effect me. Because it wouldn’t. I have no plans on getting pregnant. In my microcosm, abortion isn’t an option because pregnancy isn’t an option.

It’s a selfish position, to be sure. But I think it’s one I think more women should consider. I’ve heard plenty of women say that they don’t want to have children, but rarely do I ever hear one say that they don’t want to get pregnant. Semantics, maybe. But it’s an important distinction.

And my view that abortions should be allowed to a point even though I think it’s murder? Contradictory, I know. But society is full of contradictions. And our own society allows murder doesn’t it? Sure, we call it the death penalty and self defense. Pretties it up a bit. But it’s murder all the same. And I’m all for both the death penalty and self defense. [And before anyone gets upset with that comparison, I’m not saying that the babies deserve killing like our baddest bad guys. I’m saying that our society allows murder in special circumstances.]

Anyway. My point? Damned if I remember. It likely wasn’t a well-thought out point anyway. Like I said, the subject has never been on my radar. Oh wait! My point: Palin! Frankly, had she been pro-choice, it wouldn’t have mattered.

How did I get on that subject anyway? Oy.


5 comments on “Pintos and Cheese

  1. Wickedpinto says:

    It’s the POS Car, and wicked doesn’t mean evil, you can find the story, (long winded) linked over at IB.

  2. Hiya, Prudie, I can agree with three of your four bullety points above, not the last one though. Seems like when you say “abortion is murder” in one breath, then allow for abortions in the next is contradictory.
    But I tend to agree with ya, that there must be some early point in the pregnancy, when the fertilized egg can be removed.

    Something in me says ‘prior to fetal consciousness’. I think that comes early on.

  3. Prudie says:

    WP, What’s IB? I’ve always thought “wicked” to be more “naughty” than “evil”.

    Hey LM! Well, I did say that my opinion was half thought out, contradictory, and selfish.

    I don’t know when the cut off should be either.

  4. Prudie, I’ve made a change, long overdue really;
    I’ve added your blog to my homepage, where I can read it more often, both there and by instant transport here.

    I’m a guy, slow on the pick up… gimme a break… LOL.

  5. Prudie says:


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