F to the R to the E to the EeeaAARRRGH!!11!!!1!!!!!

It started with the pirate commercial. It was cute. It was funny. Never mind that it didn’t make much sense. (Why would he need to work a crappy second job because someone stole his credit identity? I don’t get it. Don’t we have laws protecting identity theft victims? I know when someone used my SSN when I was 16 to open up a Georgia Power account in some city to which I’ve never been, I didn’t have to pay the $300 bill the thieves left behind. Hmp.)

Then came the wife commercial, which admittedly pissed me off on some slight level. He wouldn’t have married her if he’d known about her crappy credit score? What a bum!

Then there was the car commercial. It was slightly funny, but that’s just because I this was the commercial in which I realized that the guitar player is totally high in all three videos.

And freecreditreport.com paid for these three commercials to play nigh unto infinity. I was heartily sick of the three musicians long before the company decided to cash in on their popularity and make two more commercials. Oh, yeah: there are now five of these fuckers playing ad nauseum.

So now there are two more (and in one of them, we learn just how short the lead singer is). Which would be fine, but the original three are still playing non-stop. And the bike one licks the balls of the green movement. Which just brings me to a whole new level of pissed off with the entire issue.

So please forgive the Howard Dean meltdown in the title above. I’ve got an ear worm that won’t quit.


4 comments on “F to the R to the E to the EeeaAARRRGH!!11!!!1!!!!!

  1. pam says:

    OMG, as I read this that first commercial came on t.v.!!!!!!! How weird! OK, not too much, as it’s plays every 30 seconds… but still!

  2. Prudie says:

    PROOF, I say!!!!!!! It’s proof that these commercials are on too damn much!

  3. Wickedpinto says:

    Hey Prudie!

    Wicked, I promise, no C words looming. Just figured I’d let you know I’m back.

  4. Prudie says:

    Hey! Thanks for not using that word. ;) And thanks for letting me know you’re back online.

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