It’s Like I’m Stuck

Shove me in the shallow water before I get too deep.

I’ve been fighting the blues all week. I know the signs… the irrational irritibility, the unexplained anger, the sleeplessness, the sleepiness, the aching, the feelings of worthlessness, the crying, the disinterest in everything… It’s all there. And I know from experience that I’ve got to stop it now, before it gets any worse, before it gets too deep.

Therapy’s out… I don’t have health insurance.

So it looks like it’s exercise therapy for now. Good thing I’ve just uncovered my recumbent bike.


4 comments on “It’s Like I’m Stuck

  1. Vmaximus says:

    Hi Prudie!
    I am still around. I had to duct tape my head to listen to the obamassiah tonight. It might explode otherwise.

    that sounds like something else aching, crying,
    By, I will check in next week!

  2. Prudie says:

    I’m surprised you will try it even with the duct taped head. I mean, a head, once exploded, can’t be easily put back together again. :D

  3. Kurt P says:

    I’m glad you let your editors back to …. enhance your posts.

    I feel the same way about where I’m at now,,, like I said one cent more and I’d toss my company hat in the office trailer and walk.

  4. Prudie says:

    Thanks. I’m glad I let the editors back, too.

    Being stuck in a job stinks.

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