How Odd

The DEA has a gift shop. Yeah, the Drug Enforcement Agency sells cutesie little souveniers like plastic DEA badges.  That’s so counter to the badass image they portray that I’m left wondering which DEA employee thought of selling little DEA rubber ducks for bath time.

The Supreme Court also has a gift shop. Well, OK, it’s the Supreme Court Historical Society’s Gift Shop. Still. It’s located on the ground floor of the Supreme Court building. And they sell little scales of justice.

So… Jesus was French and he drank beer while hiding Easter eggs? I don’t think I get it. But then, I miss much when it comes to modern art.

Be a pal and share your Guinness (NSFW). Ha.


One comment on “How Odd

  1. Abbadon says:

    I want a rubber badge magnet…


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