The Fashion Rant

Well, damn. As if cropped pants weren’t bad enough…

I groaned in sorrow when I found that tunics were coming back in style. I cringed in horror when I first noticed the skinny jeans at the mall, knowing that the even greater horror of leggings would follow all too soon. When I saw cutsie babydoll dresses on QVC, I rolled my eyes at the notion of how many women would soon look popping pregnant.

All in all, I’m not such a fan of current fashion trends. Normally, I think fashion is ridiculous. Right now, I think that the Fashion Gods’ are playing a particularly nasty, petty prank on us. I eagerly await the Fashion Gods’ upcoming change of heart – which should be soon given their terminal case of ADD.

All that aside, just today, I saw something that makes my blood boil: Pegged pants are making a comeback.

This. Shall. Not. Stand.

Those silly fashion writers at the LA Times are all excited about the pegged pants, citing ease of wear and comfort. They also state that the style works for both curvy and skinny girls, a charge I vehemently deny.

Let me tell you what the pegged jeans do to curvy girls: they make your legs look three times shorter, your thighs look four times larger, your hips look two times wider, and your ankles look ten times skinnier.

Yeah, you end up looking like a beach ball walking around on toothpicks.

Even the super skinny model in the picture at the LA Times looks freakishly short-legged and thunder-thighed, and you know that girl is probably a mostly leg, 6 feet tall, size 0 or something close.

This knowledge is, of course, from experience. I lived this look all through the eighties and early nineties. And the pictures I have of myself from that time are proof enough that this is one style curvy women should not adopt.

Just say no to pegged pants!!!!! End the tyranny of those bastard Fashion Gods!!! Power to the curvy!!!!!!


4 comments on “The Fashion Rant

  1. Vmaximus says:


    Prudy, wear whatever you want, guys do not care, as long as you look good, (and I know you do) (maybe peasant blouses and bell bottoms are not so good)

  2. Prudie says:

    Bell bottoms? Really? What heresy is that? These days, they’re called flared pants. And I love a slight flare to my jean leg – the width of the pant leg balances out the width of my hips (which is considerable – as someone once famously sang, there is junk in my trunk). Yeah, small flared pants, straight legged pants, and boot cut jeans are my favorites.

    Can I be really honest? Because what I’m about to write will piss some people off: I don’t care what men think of what I wear. I don’t care what women think of what I wear. I’m the only person I care about when it comes to clothes because, frankly, most people have lousy taste. Seriously. :D

  3. pam says:

    Oh, no. I just got used to bell bottoms again! Those hideous pegged monstrosities cannot be tolerated! :(

  4. Vmaximus says:

    Hey I said maybe! What do I know? I am a guy remember?

    That is why most guys are slobs they where what they want usually because it is comfortable, and do not care what anyone else thinks.

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