Only 97%?

Well, this is interesting.

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 97%

Likelihood of you being MALE is 3%


Site Male-Female Ratio 0.98 0.9 1 0.83 0.72 0.87 0.94 0.92 0.47 0.8 0.9 0.72 0.92 0.44 0.37 1.47 1.67 0.89


It’s weird that the gender guesser thingie skews Bravo heavily towards women. I thought that mostly gay men watched that channel. I mean, I love the channel, but I seriously thought I was watching a channel that was mostly watched by gay men.

Also, IDon’tLikeYouInThatWay is a celebrity gossip blog. I mean, it’s known for love like this about Madonna’s arms: “The government should start looking to gays as an alternative fuel source, because I’m sure keeping a wrinkly middle-aged chick with man arms remotely relevant takes a lot of energy.” And there’s this about F’n Indy Junior’s drunk driving: “Shia LaBeouf flipped his truck on a city street because he was drunk, but he lives in L.A., so the police gave him a massage and a pedicure at the scene…”  Why does the gender guesser program thingie skew that site towards men? Weird. Hmp. It must be the pics.

I wonder why it didn’t use other items in my history, like the Army Corps of Engineers and such. Also weird.

(Oh, and that gender quiz thingie takes a long time on IE. Really. Long. Time. And you can’t stop it once it’s started. Beware.)

In other nonsense quiz news, I’m 87% Geek. That’s fairly respectable: it’s enough geek to be unique, but enough non-geek to function half-way in society. Sweet.

[Gender quiz via Atomic Nerds. Geek quiz via Cranky-D.]