What No One Wants To Say

Evangelicals hate Mormons.

There. I said it. It’s true.

It’s why Republican Evangelicals are pushing hard for a non-Romney VP.

It’s why Huckabee won damn near every Southern state in the Republican primaries.

It’s why none of the other elementary school kiddies in my small town Alabama home would have anything to do with me.

It’s why I was kicked out of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in high school.

It’s why I found anti-Mormon pamphlets in my locker and on my car in high school.

Yeah, a word about those anti-Mormon pamphlets I found back then… there was some flack from Mormons in the primaries about Huckabee questioning whether Mormons believed Jesus and Satan are brothers. His words (“Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers?”) were also the heading of several of those pamphlets I found littered about where ever I was known to hang out. That’s why Mormons (and I) were so angered by Huckabee’s “question.” It wasn’t a question. It was code speak for “my preacher said that those guys are cultists who don’t think that the devil is the bad guy.” He was reminding Evangelicals of what they heard at the pulpit about Mormons.

As for Huckabee’s “knowledge” about Mormons, well, he gave a major speech at a Baptist conference in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1998. The main thrust of the conference was aimed towards Mormonism. Pamphlets were passed out. They went door to door (in a parody of Mormon Missionary activity) to “save” Mormons from themselves.

So I don’t buy that Huckabee knows little about Mormons. Every Evangelical I went to public school with “knew” about Mormons and the “evil” they represent.

Oh, and here’s how I feel about Mormons, in case any clarification is needed. (The short: I heart Mormons so no Mormon bashing allowed on my blog!)

And yeah, I do take Huckabee’s antics personally. And I take support for Huckabee personally. That kind of bigotry caused me all kinds of hell as a child. And to think that it is still being perpetuated makes my blood boil.


9 comments on “What No One Wants To Say

  1. pam says:

    Wow! Good for you, speaking out like this! Awareness is one way of fighting this insidious hatred between members of the different Protestant sects.

    Of course, the evangelicals hate Catholics, too. Just paint a bullseye on my back as well. ;)

    But with all that hate going on… where’s the love?

  2. pajama momma says:

    Yep, I hear ya. I was raised Catholic and we get the same thing. I remember when people would ask me what religion I was and the way their faces would screw up when I told them.

    I didn’t understand at the time, but it almost made me nervous to say Catholic after a while and I didn’t even understand why.

    Yeah, not cool on evangelicals parts.

  3. To me, there are few evils greater than trashing someone else’s religion. And even worse is to entice someone else to leave their faith just because you had your own issues with it (I read your Mormon post, Prudie, and I’m happy to hear you don’t do that). Being a Mormon convert myself, I respect anyone else’s beliefs and only ask that they respect mine. Disagreeing is fine, I’ll always agree to disagree. But I’d rather find common ground with other churches out there than argue the finer points as to who’s right and wrong. As I’ve stated on my blog, anti-Mormonism is not welcome in my presence and will only succeed in pissing me off and putting distance between me and the offenders. If they cannot show respect for me and my beliefs, I won’t grant them the privilege of conversation with me. So that pretty much sums up how I feel about Huckabee.

    Oh yeah, and I find about 99% of the Jewish and Catholic people I come into contact with to be some of the coolest people to be around.

  4. Jay says:

    Remember that in many places ~ 30% of evangelicals voted for Romney. That shows me that at least a third of them were able to look past the anti-Mormon attacks and think for themselves.

    McCain may take Romney anyway, he’s doing the math right now to decide if he can afford to dump the far right. One thing is for certain Huckabee is not getting the VP slot, not in a million years. The only reason the guy did as well as he did is because he ran against a Mormon and that energized the all the Mormon haters. Sad but true. If it wasn’t for Romney we’d all still be saying, “Huckabee who?”.

  5. Vmaximus says:

    I am sorry to hear you were treated that way. I was raised in a fairly radical evangelical church and nothing surprises me much about the church anymore. I liked Mitt and voted for him, and was dismayed he did not do better, but Huck brought us McCain no doubt about it.
    I have a friend that had been LDS for his whole life. I was talking to him last week and he told me he left the church.
    Of all the people I never would have thought he would do that. We spent countless hours talking religion with each other. First it was to understand, then later to clarify, lastly just to converse, because in spite of the fact we were different religions we had so much in common.

    On a related note, My 104 yo grandfather, HATES Catholics. I always wondered why, and eventually asked him. It had nothing to do with religion, it was that whole Braveheart thing, he had family that was killed in that war (or whatever it was)
    Interestingly, in my case it appears that after 3 generations we (my siblings and I) have “forgotten” to hate Catholics.

  6. Vmaximus says:

    Unfortunately, I looked up Braveheart in Wiki, It looks like he was from the 1200’s
    Unfortunately, I was under the impression it was it was 16-1700’s
    and it was only a few generations.

    I was wrong.


  7. Prudie says:

    I hate it when a few facts get in the way of a good story… it’s happened to me more than a few times, too. :)

  8. pajama momma says:

    the 1200’s? wow vmax, your gramps can hold a grudge huh? ;)

  9. Vmaximus says:

    Yes, I guess he can,

    But he was born in 1903 and had 7 older brothers. A few served with the British army in India in the 1890’s. So his Father was born in the 1850’s (think civil war here) and his grandfather early 1800’s so the 1700’s was not a stretch.

    1200’s, ouch!

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