Climate Change Oscillations

NASA says that rises in temperature are not due to CO2. Instead, it’s the Pacific Ocean’s fault:

What this means is no matter how much you change your CO2 footprint, how much you try to be CO2 green, no matter how much liberal governments tax you – you cannot save the planet from its natural cycles.

If I were not recuperating from the effects of a serious case of Food Poisoning del Taco Bell, rest assured, I would be doing my happy dance.

Ya know, I bet there are still going to be people out there who will continue to take the green pill. Especially now since there’s a whole industry dependant upon a continued belief of the issue. I mean, even HGTV has “green” shows touting to help us save the world from the pestilence that is people. There are events centered around “green” themes that bring a whole lot of money to the organizers and such. They (and others) aren’t going to give up that revenue easily. Especially since so many “green” products are more expensive.


2 comments on “Climate Change Oscillations

  1. pam says:

    Everywhere one turns it’s ‘green’ this and ‘green’ that, even large mainstream companies that I once thought immune to hype.

    Everyone’s had a taste of the kool-aid, it seems. :/

  2. Prudie says:

    Oh I know. It’s everywhere.

    I’m sick of green. Just walking through my supermarket is enough to make my right eye twitch because of all the “green” items. ARGH!

    And have you been through Target lately? Good grief. No more Target for me. It induces high blood pressure.

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