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So. There is a job fair tomorrow for engineering/technical types. At least, there’s a web site that promises a job fair. I’ve been trying to contact them all day, and I haven’t been able to catch anyone in the office. I have a question for them: what companies will be at the fair? Most job/career fair organizers list this information on their website. But not this one. And I need to know who will be there so I can be prepared for that specific company/industry.

So I’ve prepared as best I can. I’ve polished my general resume. I’ve shined my shoes. I’ve pressed my clothes. I’ve selected tasteful, but not trendy or expensive, jewelry. And I’m printing about 20 resumes. I’m thinking about printing 20 more.

It irks me that I can’t prepare specific resumes for each company at the fair. I’d like to be able to target my resume for that specific company. But no. This stupid company doesn’t have a list of the exhibitors on their website.  Did I say AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!?!!! Let me say it again.


I hate interviews. Sigh.

UPDATE 4:37PM: So I finally got in touch with the people from the job fair organization. There will be 13 companies there… and not one of them are engineering firms. Only two of them are not security related. So of the 13, I can’t apply for jobs at 11 of them because I don’t have security clearance. Shit.

And the other two? One is an insurance firm and the other is a satellite TV service provider. I’ve been to their websites and they aren’t looking for civil engineers. They’re looking for people with project management experience in things like transmission towers and satellite service problems. Neither of which is anywhere near my field of engineering.



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  1. pajama momma says:

    I loved reading the editor’s notes sybil.

  2. Vmaximus says:

    If you are looking at engineering stuff check out this place
    I am a sr design tech. They pay almost double what I am making now. I have a friend that works there he is trying to get me in. $55/hr for a non degree position! Yea they pay overtime. (not that you would get it being a PE or EI)

    You might not like engineering, but if you get paid 2x than normal you might like engineering more.


  3. Abbadon says:

    Anybody need a contractor?

    Hey, Prudie, move to California and partner up with me. Maybe we can form a design/build company or some shit.

    Whaddya say?

  4. Prudie says:

    PJM, the adult, rational part of me that is typing this says, “thanks!” The part of me that is a 6 year old girl says, “Pbbbbbbbt!!!”

    Vmaxmimus, I’ll check it out. Thanks! Oh, and I love the engineering part of engineering. It’s the politicking that goes along with working with and for the government I hate. And in civil engineering, the government is always hanging around somewhere, even when the client isn’t the government.

    Abbadon, I’m not a PE. So I couldn’t work independantly of a PE. Which means that I can’t design squat without a PE’s stamp of approval. I’m not even sure I can be licenced as a PE in California. The grandfather laws between states as far as engineering licensure goes is very iffy. Especially between southern states and the rest of the US. Most especially with my particular degree.

    Also, I specialize in storm water management, not structures. Even if I were a PE I couldn’t just move from discipline to discipline stamping whatever I happened to want to stamp. It’s unethical. And dangerous.

    I also say, I wouldn’t want to live in California. Ew. Nice place to visit, etc…

  5. Abbadon says:

    Okay, how about coming for a visit, then?


  6. pajama momma says:

    PJM, the adult, rational part of me that is typing this says, “thanks!” The part of me that is a 6 year old girl says, “Pbbbbbbbt!!!”


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