One Word Meme

I found this little questionairre over at The Real Dave’s. Rules are that all answers must be one word only and cannot be used more than once.

1. Where is your cell phone? pocket
2. Your significant other? none
3. Your hair? brown
4. Your mother? home
5. Your father? ditto.

6. Your favorite time of day? late
7. Your dream last night? wicked
8. Your favorite drink? lemonaid
9. Your dream goal? security
10. The room you’re in? breakfast

11. Your ex? oy
12. Your fear? poverty
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? secure
14. What you are not? dumb
15. Your Favorite meal? steak

16. One of your wish list items? Paducah
17. The last thing you did? commented
18. Where you grew up? here
19. What are you wearing? glasses
20. Your TV is? flat

21. Your pets? allergic
22. Your computer? black
23. Your life? sinusoid
24. Your mood? sleepy
25. Missing someone? nope

26. Your car? Sportage
27. Something you’re not wearing? ring
28. Favorite store? bookstore
29. Your summer? hot
30. Your favorite color? blue

31. When is the last time you laughed? today
32. When is the last time you cried? 2
33. Your health? oscillating
34. Your children? someday
35. Your future? unclear

36. Your beliefs? pagan
37. Young or old? depends
38. Your image? blurry
39. Your appearance? rounded
40. Would you live your life over again knowing what you know? yes

17 comments on “One Word Meme

  1. vmaximus says:

    Hi Prudie!
    What’s Up!

  2. vmaximus says:

    I cannot believe I beat Abbadon.
    No offense A.

  3. Abbadon says:

    None take, Vmax.

    is it that obvious that I’m Prudie’s favorite fan?


  4. Prudie says:

    Yeah, Abbadon is usually first. Not that there’s any great rush for the priviledge of commenting first. I mean, I’m lucky if I get two comments a day. Traffic I get. Commenters, not so much. :D

    I have no favorites. I love everyone equally, but differently. ;) Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say? :^/

    What’s up? Nothing much here. Grocery shopping, cleaning, quilting, nothing terribly interesting, else I’d blog about it.

  5. Abbadon says:

    Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say?

    No. You’re supposed to saqy I’m your favorite.


  6. Vmaximus says:

    Good one A

    Wish list Paducah?
    There is a story there I missed I guess.

  7. Abbadon says:

    I wish I could see Prudie’s paducah…


  8. Vmaximus says:

    I have traveled a bit here and there. One thing I have noticed is the joke of most states is usually a neighboring state. I lived in NH we joked about Mainers and Vermonters. Ohio, was W.Va. and Kentucky. I lived in NYC for 4 years they made fun of everyone, and then neighboring boroughs. Florida makes fun of Ga and Alabama.
    I say all that to minimize this; paducah makes me laugh!

  9. Prudie says:

    Paducah is a funny word. It does sound dirty…

    Paducah is a city in Kentucky. The reason why I want to go there is because there’s a huge quilt museum there and once a year, there’s a huge quilt festival. I quilt. A lot. Some people call it an obsession. I really can’t argue with that. Thus, I want to go to Paducah.

    Abbadon, you’re my favorite. Of course. Here, let me rub your belly. Feel better, hon?

    Vmaximus, here in north Georgia we make fun of Alabama mostly. Occasionally, we’ll poke at South Carolina and Florida, but it’s mostly Alabama here.

  10. Vmaximus says:

    Yes I am in Florida now and the bulk of the insults go to Alabama, and when you think of it, it would be cruel to laugh at cuba or the bahamas, so we goes north.

  11. Prudie says:

    I have a great Alabama joke… stop me if you’ve heard it. What’s the best thing to come out of Alabama? (Besides me?)

    The INTERSTATE!!!!


    No? Alas…

    I would still poke fun of Cuba. I guess I’ve got a mean streak that way.

  12. Abbadon says:

    MMMMM Belly rubs! And a little lower and a little slower would be good, too!

    Damn, I’m so bad…


  13. Vmaximus says:

    I graduated from high school in ’79. (I should not try to tell stories while drunk so if this is a fail….) In ’80 I had a job in Miami. I hired a bunch of locals and one of them was named Willy. Willy came from Cuba in the Mariel boat lift. After I had graduated from HS in 79 I went to Key West to dive and fish etc. Well the boat lift happened that year. I went to the store to buy food. There was only stuff like pickles and mustard on the shelves. I blamed the Cubans. 1 year later I was talking to Willy, he told me this story, he was standing on his front porch after 9pm, when a Russian patrol came by. Curfew was 9 pm. They told him to go inside. He did. His brother gave them some flack. The Russians shot him. He died there.
    Willy hated the Russians with a passion and did everything in his power to mess with them. Sugar in the gas tanks etc. They caught him and threw him in prison. He came over on the boat lift. We spent 3 months talking to each other in my bad spanish and his bad english. I changed my mind about Cubans, and now respect them and hope they get their wishes. (Fidel Dies and Cuba is free!)

  14. Prudie says:

    Abbadon, belly rubs are it, bud.

    Vmaximus, despite being drunk you write well. Here’s the thing about Cuba: liberals hold it up as some great thing that has done wonders for poverty, literacy, and healthcare. And it hasn’t done any of that. Oh sure, while the Soviets supported Castro with money, it worked fairly well (as long as you don’t care about little things like freedom of speech, etc.). But when the Soviet money dried up, the system failed. Literacy and healthcare are a joke there now. And poverty is rampant.

    So I guess the short is: I make fun of Cuba because I hate everything for which it stands, not because I hate the people. Frankly, they need all the help they can get. And I despise the way liberals deify Castro (and Che, for that matter). Thus, the poking fun.

  15. Vmaximus says:

    I was not implying there was anything wrong with making fun of Cubans, I just read your comment to my comment and it reminded me of my Cuban story. I have also found that many Cubans are republican and conservative. I have yet to hear one not speak loudly and rudely about Che

  16. Janet says:

    when are you gonna put a new post up?

  17. Abbadon says:

    That’s what I’d like to know…

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