Lightning Bug

The SciFi channel is playing a lot of Firefly episodes today, which reminded me of the Firefly Season 2 project. So go and participate. Maybe we’ll get another movie or mini-series out of it.

Eh, SciFi is showing the pan and scan version of Firefly. I think I’ll go watch my uncut, un-interrupted, widescreen DVDs. So, you know, I’ll be busy the rest of today.


5 comments on “Lightning Bug

  1. Bob says:

    FYI: that Season 2 website is total crap. Verified and confirmed.

  2. Prudie says:

    Why is it crap?

  3. Prudie says:

    OK. I googled the issue. There are people who have doubts (they’re mostly Joss worshipers), but as far as I’ve been able to tell, Joss Whedon hasn’t said no. So I suppose it’s possible, if unlikely.

  4. Bob says:

    No, it’s not possible. The site owner has made numerous claims that he had spoken to both Joss and cast members, but his claims were proven to be outright lies. No one connected to the show had ever heard of this guy, and certainly had not talked to him. I have personal knowledge of this, but I’d prefer not making my connection public.

    While there may remain a small possibility of something new in the future, it won’t have anything to do with that bogus site.

  5. Prudie says:

    Well, damn.

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