Good Night Gracie

That sucking sound you hear? It’s from A&E. They’re playing The Andromeda Strain. I just finished watching it and it’s coming on again. So, yeah, there’s some major suckage going on around A&E for the next four hours.

You’ve been warned. Don’t come crying to me if you waste four hours on that nonsense.

Oh, nothing was particularly wrong with it. But nothing was particularly right, either. There were a lot of tired plotlines that should have been retired long, long ago. Really, questionable alien/government conspiracy plots were boring long before the X Files breathed its last gasp. And, in the beginning of the series, the X Files did it better, and they did it in a quarter of the time it took the Andromeda Strain to wind down. (Maybe the upcoming X-Files movie will revive that tired old saw. I dunno. We’ll see.)

I didn’t appreciate their Dubya-lite president. The accent was a dead-on ringer for Dubya’s. And the “religious” moment between Dubya-lite and the bad guy (some gum-chewing Chief of Something or other, I think) was nothing more than a bit of Hollywood sneering at the simple, stupid, yokel, Dubya-lite-type religiosity. It was irksome on a mild level.

And to make matters worse, there’s a bunch of enviro-preaching at the end, which was hilarious considering how they treated the Dubya-lite prayer moment. Also, the enviro-preaching felt tacked-on, like the writers got the end and said, “Hey! We have a chance to save the world by using algae or something natural that’s really rare. And guess what? We should make Dubya-lite insensitive to the plight of the world-saving algae in the beginning to teach everyone a lesson at the end! Even better, let’s make him the cause of potentially killing off all of the world-saving algae by drilling in the ocean for some alternative energy! Damn, that’ll show those conservatives that they shouldn’t drill off-shore!”

Bah! Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home did a better job with that same story line: two 20th century humpback whales were transported to a humpback whale-extinct future where they promptly sang to some menacing aliens, thereby saving the earth from aliens who may or may not have been too stupid to realize that they were destroying the earth when they called for extinct whales. I am still amused at the whale names: George and Gracie. Hee. 




4 comments on “Good Night Gracie

  1. Abbadon says:

    Thanks for the Wiki link. It sounds boring. Plus, no sex…


  2. pam says:

    I didn’t see AS, but love The Voyage Home! It’s probably my favorite ST movie. And yes, I can sit all day and watch those movies back to back… I’m sick. LOL!

  3. Prudie says:

    Abbadon, can you comment without mentioning sex? I don’t think so… ;)

    Pam, I’m good with ST until movie number 5, whichever one that was. So yeah, 1-4 are great!

  4. Abbadon says:

    Abbadon, can you comment without mentioning sex?

    Yeah, I do all the time elsewhere. It must be something about this blog…or its writer…


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