The Men in Power Have Done It Yet Again

I had no idea that my love of Firefly  was yet another plot by the “Men in Power” who have no other desire than to subjugate my entire gender. Thank God for feminists. Otherwise, I would have attributed my love for Firefly  to the character-driven plot, interesting concept, lovely acting, and Adam Baldwin. Once again, feminists have saved me from myself! As LabRat said:

I didn’t know that liking that show was liking the sensation of a male fist in my face over and over again either.

Thus is the Power of Men, sister. They hit you, fool you into thinking you like it, then make you forget you ever felt it in the first place.


You know, if the “Men in Power” were as all-powerful and as anti-female as feminists believe, women would never have been given the ability to vote. Ever.

And don’t even get me started on Feminism…


8 comments on “The Men in Power Have Done It Yet Again

  1. Mark says:

    I got this far:

    Especially considering that popular culture is increasingly being influenced by pornography.

    Wah, wah, wah, pornography…denigrating women…dirty old men…need love too.


  2. ajax says:

    Isn’t it obvious that women in the future who don’t submit to male dominance are banished and become reavers? Adam Baldwin’s character is called Jane after all. What else do they want? Ruttin’ feminists!

  3. Prudie says:

    ajax! You’re not a browncoat. I can tell. The reavers’ creation was explained in the movie, Serenity. Had nothing to do with feminists. And, Adam Baldwin’s character was named Jayne. [/Firefly FanGrrl] :)

    Abbadon, Mark, M, whatever you’re calling yourself today, I’ve never figured out what the feminists’ big problem with porn is anyway. Isn’t a woman being able to do with her body as she pleases the big principle of feminism? You’d think they’d be big supporters of porn. But no.

    I don’t get feminists. So many contradictions.

  4. Abbadon says:

    I don’t get feminists. So many contradictions.

    Yeah, it boggles my mind as well…I mean, what with that whole Burn the Bra thing that left legions of women with bouncing boobs you’d think they would feel liberated enough to be proud to show those sweater puppies off to the whole world…

    Or did I miss the point of “empowerment”?


    It’s Abbadon, Mark, M, or Male Chauvinist Pig, I don’t mind…

  5. ajax says:

    Well, I may not be a true fan, but I do own the series and the movie. It’s interesting how Chinese culture dominates the future, there is space travel to other planets but no aliens, and I must admit that I am completely in love with Kaylee. I do, however, own a brown t-shirt that says “I aim to misbehave” on it.
    BTW: I was up in Waleska looking at houses last week, and shot an angry glance at the Cobb Snobs as I drove by :0P

  6. Prudie says:

    ajax, you’ve been in Georgia long enough to pick up the Cobb Snob thing. Ha. You know, the only reason why people in other counties call us that is because we think we’re better than everyone else… but everyone else knows we’re better than them, so I don’t see the problem. :P

    Abbadon, bra burning is sooooo 1960s. Besides, all those hippy feminists who burned thier bras are now in their dotage with saggy boobs (from lack of support in their youth). I bet they wished now that they’d hung on to thier bras a little longer. They might have prevented some sag.

  7. Abbadon says:

    A little sag is okay in some bounteous natural tatas.

    But I draw the line at the Playboy granny look…

  8. Prudie says:

    A little sag is fine. That’s natural. But when they’re nosing her belly button? She should have used more support when she was younger. (And I say this knowing that the women in my family have a history of stringy belly button hitting girls. Which is why I am such an advocate of strong support.)

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