Mater Sammich

Thanks to medical research, there is new marketing potential for my homegrown tomatoes. And it’s cheap! Just one tomato a day… I may have to do some fast talking to convince men of the benefits to the application process though.


6 comments on “Mater Sammich

  1. Guy S says:

    ~You say tomAAAto … and I say tomatoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo…

    Great video, no butts about it!!

  2. Abbadon says:

    Seems like a handful of cherry tomatoes might have the same effect and they’d be easier to … insert.

  3. Ajax says:

    Oh, man…
    Thank goodness watermelons don’t have Lycopene!

  4. Prudie says:

    … or pineapples!

  5. Guy S says:

    and as an aside:

    Bananas are my favorite,
    Because they have

    *runs, ducks, and covers!*

  6. Prudie says:


    Considering where the aforementioned tomatoes were destined and considering that fruit was the topic of this post, I’ll not ask how or why you like those bananas. Nor will I ask why bananas even entered into your mind after reading this post. Ahem.

    Discretion. Valor. You know the rest. :P

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