Interesting… I used to test as a INTJ. Now I’m a ISTJ. Weird.

Three things haven’t changed: I still score very high in the I, T, and J parts of the test.

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Multiple Intelligences… interesting. Before I switched my college major to engineering, I was a music major.

I’ve been looking for a career outside of engineering. Engineers… don’t get me started on the people or the field. Anyway, I want to find a field in which I can use both my math skills and love of research (I know, I’m sick). I’ve been thinking about either teaching math or becoming a librarian. Both would require me to go back to school for a masters degree. Interestingly, both math teachers and librarians are listed as good choices for ISTJs.

[Found test link at Pamibe.]



6 comments on “ISTJ

  1. pam says:

    Well, that clears one thing up for me: math and music must go hand in hand. I’ve a talent for neither! ;)

  2. Abbadon says:

    You paid for that? Because it asked me for $39.95…

  3. Prudie says:

    Nope. I got it for free. (I wouldn’t pay for something like that.) I don’t see anything on there that asks for money. Did you go here?

  4. Prudie says:

    Pam, music is math!

  5. Abbadon says:

    I dunno. Clicked on it, sat through a bunch of questions, and then it prompted me for credit card info at which point I gave the monitor the finger and split.

    Now I’ll never know what an insensitive, judgmental, and perverted bastard I really am…

  6. Prudie says:

    Weird. It never asked me for money. It must be you. That’s OK. We already know about the perversions, etc! ;)

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