We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

China is now the world’s worst polluter.

There’s a neat little map at the bottom of that page. Clicking on Emissions by Nation shows the US and China swell enormously. Which makes sense… I would think that the more populated countries would produce more pollution because of the industry needed to clothe and feed the larger population. Also, the US and China produce items for world-wide distribution. So production would be disproportionately large.

Clicking on Emissions per Persons is interesting. The US and China both shrink to nothing while the Middle East and Europe grow huge. Which, when I think of European outrage over US and Chinese emissions, doesn’t make sense… What that map shows is that, per person, Europe and the Middle East produce more pollution to clothe, feed, etc, each person than anyone else. Taking into consideration that most of the world’s industry is in the US and China, the actual pollution produced to clothe and feed the Middle East and Europe would actually be a bit more. It’s something to remember the next time some European nation or organization has a conniption fit over pollution in the US. They produce more pollution for less product and less people.


3 comments on “We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

  1. Ajax says:

    I like to find people driving Volkswagens with a Greenpeace bumper sticker and a bike rack on the trunk, pull up beside them at a red light in my Chevy Tahoe and gun my V8 engine a few times. Then I roll down my window and shout, “Oops! There went another 47 yellow crested goony birds!”, then take off in a cloud of carbon emissions singing “Pave the Whales!”
    [Sigh] I know I’m an evil bastard, but with China in the lead now, it won’t be as much fun anymore.
    Maybe now I can start in on those Global Warming morons!
    As for the EU…I don’t see any pollution, in Montana and Wyoming, show me!

  2. Micheal says:

    Not a single country that signed the Koyoto treaty lived up to it,but in fact, fell very short and had an increase in pollution. I am also surprised,perhaps overread it, but where is India or are they counted as the Middle east?

  3. Prudie says:

    India’s wasn’t counted with the Middle East. India grows along with the US and China when Emissions by Nation is clicked. When Emissions by Population is clicked, they shrink.

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