International Man of Misery

I don’t like Jimmy Carter. Everyone’s misery is his misery. People like that make my left eye hurt. Yes, there is misery in the world. I just don’t think it’s possible to remove it from the world. Let’s face it, there are always going to be people who are unhappy, people who are down-trodden, people who are rejected, dejected, oppressed, depressed, poor, hungry, and just never happy with anything.

Human misery is a sad fact of the human existence with which, at some point in our lives, we all have to come to terms. Jimmy’s never done that; he’s never accepted that there are some things that can’t be set right. Some would call Jimmy optimistic; I call him foolish.

It’s a special kind of foolish, at that. It’s one that assumes a position of power, of prestige, and of glory. Jimmy seeks it all; more, he assumes he has it all. So it’s a narcissistic power-hungry kind of foolishness only the very wealthy, the very powerful, and/or the very ill-advised follow. See Oprah for another example of this foolishness. See my favorite green troll for another. (Too bad I had to ban her.)

Am I pessimistic? I say I’m realistic. Nothing can cure all misery; it’s a waste of resources to try. You’d think that, being a nuclear engineer, Jimmy would understand such a simple concept as diminishing returns.

Anyway, I like Jimmy well enough when he’s out building houses for Habitat for Humanity. (Yay!) I can’t stand him when he’s out among the international throng hurting current US policy. Well, ol’ Jimmy’s been out hurting US policy yet again. Isn’t there something someone can do about this? Can they take away his passport? Detain him? I don’t know, do something to stop him from consorting with terrorists?


5 comments on “International Man of Misery

  1. Zach Coulter says:

    I would like to see him detained in a gigantic, empty jar of Skippy. We could put it on a shelf in the “Nuts” wing of the Smithsonian.

    Maybe throw goobers at him or something.

  2. Prudie says:

    Ha. I like. It’s creative and restraining.

    And yes, he is both a goober and a nut. So, nice imagery!

  3. M says:

    Jimmy Carter is a doddering old fool who has sold out his decent principles to become a shill and a patsy for the Palestinians.

    I have gotten into much trouble for calling him an anti-Semite byu people who do not seem to understand, or don’t want to unsderstand, that when you spread lies about a state that is predominantly Jewish, one is engaging in anti-Semitism. And it doesn’t matter if the motivation is outright bigotry and hatred (not Jimmy Carter’s motivation) or ignorance born of a misguided sense of “justice” (probably Jimmy Carter’s motivation).

    I say chunky peanut butter so it chafes his nut sack.

  4. Carter is just a jerk. Seen widely as the worst president evah!, now he is determined to further cement that legacy- as the worst ex-prez ever too.

    Think about this though: Is Carter setting an example? Could the identical accusations be made about Clinton?
    (answer: yes)
    But the awfulest worstest could be an ex president 0bama, traveling the world visiting all the kooks with nukes.

  5. Prudie says:

    Carter is just a jerk.

    Yup. Understatement of the year, right there.

    I dunno about Clinton. At least he’s not out there working against US policy. At least, not that I know.

    ex president 0bama

    Eh, now you’re just trying to scare me. Not nice. :)

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