Bitter Xenophobic Religious Rednecks

I feel uniquely qualified to comment about Obama’s love of flyover country* and the people who choose to live in it. You see, I was born in rural Alabama (Nancy’s Creek, population: a hundred or so, including the chickens and milk cows). And I’ve lived in rural or suburban Georgia nearly all my life. [The largest town I’ve ever lived in? Kennesaw, Georgia: famous for 1) making gun/ammunition ownership mandatory in 1982 and 2) having an 89% reduction in residential burglary in 1983. I now live in Acworth, Georgia, where rake ownership is mandatory.]

So I know a bit about the average person who inhabits the hinterlands of America, being one myself. Anyway, here’s Obama’s comment; the “they” he refers to are the people in Pennsylvania and the Midwest who don’t live in big cities:

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

[*Yeah, he’s talking about Pennsylvania and the Midwest. But if he has such an opinion of them, what’s he going to think about the South? I think it’s fair to assume that his opinion of Southerners is probably as bad or worse than his opinion of small-town Midwesterners and Pennsylvanians. Either way, what a condescending asshole.]

Here’s what I don’t like about it: there’s an assumption that people who choose not to live in the big cities are somehow less sophisticated in both their thinking and their behavior. So naturally to Obama, these less sophisticated hicks cling to guns and religion and xenophobia because they have no other way to express what’s on their tiny little unsophisticated minds. 

To Obama (and to liberals in general, I would argue), a typical small town response to:

  • an out of control national debt? “Yee-haw! Buy guns and shoot something!”
  • job loss? “Grrr. Hulk smash! Hate Mexicans!”
  • an overwhelming tax burden? “Phnasjdfknuasdfn! Pray!”
  • [This is, of course, assuming that Obama thinks we can string more than two words together at a time. That he gives us that much credit remains in doubt.] This is all we can ever hope to think because we aren’t capable of rational, critical analysis of any kind. We are only bitter, unthinking animals whose one response to stress involves either praying, hating, or killing. Of course.

    This isn’t going to play well with the rural Democrats in Georgia (of which there are a legion).  I’ve been hearing that Obama has a chance to win Georgia (assuming he wins the D primary) in the general election. I think that he’s lost that now. All those rural Democrats here aren’t going to care what explanations or apologies he gives. All they’re going to see is yet another negative stereotyping of rural Americans. And they get plenty of that from the media, Hollywood, and other elitists. So they’re not going to like this at all.

    Rural Georgian Democrats have been known to vote Republican when they are slighted. They are responsible for electing our current governor, the first Republican governor since Reconstruction, just because they were pissed at the former Democratic governor about the confederate flag issue. They felt slighted by that former governor’s refusal to allow the confederate battle flag to be a large part of the Georgia state flag. So they all voted for his opponent.

    Obama’s view of rural America is going to feel like a slap in the face for many of them, especially since Obama won the Democratic primary here in Georgia. They won’t forget it. They have long memories for such things.


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    1. R F says:

      Thinking people realize that Obama was speaking in favor of these people – not against them. Sheeple perpetuate the MSM drivel they have blindly accepted as fact.

    2. Prudie says:

      I see. So perpetuating negative stereotypes is for their own good. Gotcha. You know, I don’t like it when people do something for my own good. Usually it indicates I’m about to get fucked over. Sideways. And in such a manner that I won’t enjoy it – possibly, it’s going to hurt. And I don’t like getting hurt, even when it’s for my own good. I’m contrary that way I guess.

      “Sheeple” – Hah. I don’t think I’ve seen that word used seriously in at least four years, possibly five. I don’t like that word. Never have, though I do understand why it is such a beloved word to many. (Strictly speaking, it refers to the idea that certain people behave in a mindless, flock-like manner when confronted with information from certain sources.) It’s an easy way to describe an opponent whose motives you don’t understand or whose opinions you don’t agree. You see, when you label your opponent as sheeple, it’s an easy way of dismissing both the opponent and their views without seriously considering them. In other words, it allows you to disagree without thinking about why you are disagreeing. It’s intellectually lazy.

      “MSM drivel” – that’s an interesting phrase considering that the MSM has done everything they can to advance Obama’s candidacy. Seriously, they’ve bent over backwards, sideways, and bottom over top to excuse any misstep the man has taken. The contortions they’ve gone through to give his candidacy a facade of integrity has been amazing to watch and would do any yoga master proud.

      I do understand that Obama thought he was speaking on the poor rural people’s behalf. He was merely expressing that he thought they were bitter because the government hasn’t done enough for them, in his opinion. There are better ways to say it. That he insulted a whole hell of a lot of people to express what should have been a fairly straightforward opinion shows two things that will probably exclude him from getting any rural votes:

      1) Obama doesn’t know how to say something simple without putting his foot in his mouth and insulting the people about whom he’s talking; and
      2) Obama is an elitist snob – he thinks he’s better than the rural “little people” he says he’s trying to help.

      Clinton and McCain may have the same two qualities above. If they have, they haven’t been stupid enough to show it where there’s a camera, microphone, reporter or blogger around to catch them at it.

    3. Abbadon says:

      Bitter Xenophobic GUN-TOTIN’ Religious Rednecks.

      Some of my best friends are BXGTRR’s.

      Yeehaw. Pass the moonshine, darlin’. Then get me muh shootin’ iron. I got me some coons to shoot…


    4. Prudie says:

      I stand corrected. How could I have forgotten the guns? Sheesh. My papa would have smacked me hard for that.

      We don’t joke about moonshine ’round here, pal. Rum running and moonshining is a time-honored Ponder family business when the economy turns south, so to speak.

      Your southern accent is awful. Really. Don’t do that. ;)

    5. Abbadon says:

      One of these days I’ll do some audio blogging. My real accent is much better.

    6. Ajax says:

      I must have hit my head or something because I am moving from a “big city” in Florida to Cherokee County, Georgia. It’s no coincedence that I’m leaving Fort Lauderdale, the headquarters of the Democratic party in Florida for one of the most conservative counties in the Peach State. The reason for my slumming is a lucid choice, not for any other reason. I simply like it better in Georgia, and I am unspeakably proud to be a native Southerner (yes, Florida was stil part of the South back when I was born).
      People from the South, Rust Belt, Midwest, and other BXGTRRs are simply strong, self-reliant, proud folks that take responsibility for their lives. They have a sense of community and watch out for each other in hard times.
      They don’t rely on the government for hand-outs or expect the government to take care of them with ridiculous social and welfare programs. Politicians like Obama and Hillary fear these people because they don’t need them, and that renders them impotent. Elitist politicians like that seek only power, because they have forgotten that the Constitution means for them to serve not rule!

    7. Prudie says:

      Ajax, Cherokee County! I was just there, not even fifteen minutes ago. I love Main Street Woodstock (in Cherokee). It’s lovely. And northern Cherokee County is gorgeous and rural.

      Welcome to Georgia! You’ll love it here (especially the northern metro-Atlanta area – lots of conservatives and libertarians here). And yeah, Cherokee County is strongly conservative.

    8. Ajax says:

      Prudie, I stumbled upon your blog while shopping for pipe tobacco and somehow made a wrong turn at the last link. I’m glad I did; I read s’more of your stuff and I am pleased that people like you still exist. When this one caught my eye, I felt compelled to comment. Especially since I just got a lambasting from the editor of an e-zine I write for sometimes. It was regarding the recent apology for slavery issued by Gov. Crist and the Florida legislative body. You can imagine how that went. He’s convinced he lost readers due to my “editorial”. Oh, well.
      I’ll be moving to either Woodstock or Canton/Holly Springs, already have some good friends up there and just flat out love it, especially the proximity to the mountains.
      And before anyone assumes me to be another white racist redneck, allow me to inform you: Although I am white, I was born in the USA to Cuban parents, but I am and always have been an American who is proud if his country’s heritage, traditions, and language. But, I guess if I moved to India, I should expect all the Indians to learn English to appease me! But, I digress…
      Good show Prudie, keep it up.

    9. Prudie says:


      Oh good grief. Don’t bring up apologies for slavery. That makes my brain spin. And it hurts.

    10. dan Milton says:

      Obama only spoke the truth, which is why this is this getting so much play.who cares what rednecks think? They have juvenile emotions and grade school conceptions of patriotism and economics. Why should have to pander to these childen(who are ignorant and proud of it).

    11. Allen Smith says:

      The fact that you don’t get what Obama was saying just confirms how ignorant you are!

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