Blue China

You know, it seems to me that there are an awful lot of people pissed at China for a whole lot of different reasons. Though, it does all seem to boil down to a few general issues: 1) freeing an “occupied” or “invaded” country*; 2) human rights issues; and 3) communism.

* I used the scare quotes around “occupied” and “invaded” because there are a lot of countries out there that claim to be victims of Chinese invasions and/or occupations. I don’t know the pertinent details of each and every case. (I didn’t even know there were so many of them. Sheesh. China’s been busy.) So I’m using the scare quotes there with no intention to scare, but to show ambiguity since I don’t know any better.

P.S. For a country that’s been accused of such unlovelies like occupation, invasion, and violation (HA! protesters, you may use that in your next sign), China did pick some cutsie Olympic mascots.


2 comments on “Blue China

  1. wyomissa says:

    What stuck out to me is that in most other countries they are protesting us for the same crazy words “invasion, occupation, ect”. Oh, and I totally back our “occupations”.

  2. Prudie says:

    Me too. And we’ve been “occupying” Germany and Japan, for what, almost 60 years now.

    Though, before I’m accused of having sympathy for China, I will say that there is world of difference between our “occupation” of Iraq (etc) and China’s “occupation” of Tibet. It’s reasonable to assume that our “occupation” will bring some form of democracy to Iraq (be it a republic like ours or otherwise). I don’t think that China has the same good intentions towards Tibet.

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