Waxing poetic about Georgia’s High Tech Corridor… As you’d expect, it involves such futuristic technology as alternative energy sources and radical uber-ecofriendly housing.

Though, the post does forget to mention the holistic medicinal value of kudzu in conjunction with eco-friendly farming:


Seriously though, FROG jam is awesome.


4 comments on “FROG Jam

  1. Abbadon says:

    That was some funny shit. I should do a flip post about the Silicon Valley, and the horrific, mall-infested shithole that is San Jose now.

  2. Prudie says:

    You should. Go to!

  3. wyomissa says:

    I love this blog! Love the update from the South (from S. Carolina); stationed in C. Springs! I added you to my blogroll and your a new favorite with alot the us! U can catch me at wyomissa.wordpress. I’ll keep reading!

  4. Abbadon says:

    If I do, it will have to wait til the weekend…

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