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…which are of no interest to anyone but me.

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Site meter statistics for the past few days:
Site Statistics, 04/05/2008

That flat line at the bottom? It averages about 36 or so individual hits a day. That mountain? That’s what an Instalanche did to my blog. I’ve blogged for a while; I’ve never had that many hits in one day before.

<blog suicide>

I have mixed feelings about the Instalanche. On the good side, more people read my blog. On the bad side, more people read my blog.

Oh, I’ve never cared much about numbers and site statistics and such for the blog. Before the Instalanche, I would have said that I’m just as happy if I averaged four hits a day as I would be if I averaged five hundred hits a day. (Though, I would have wanted a little more hits.)

Now I think I’m happier with the four hit daily average. Or, in reality, I’m happy with my 36 hit daily average. I mean, it’s great to have a ton of readers (power to the people!), but an awful lot of those readers are, to put it kindly, blooming idiots. I deleted more comments than not on that one post that Glenn Reynolds linked.

And I’m probably insulting a whole hell of a lot of people. Oh well. It won’t be the first time. I doubt it’s the last.

But you sputter: isn’t blogging all about the hits?  Well, not for me. I’ve never been Miss Popularity (you might understand why, after reading this post). I’ve never wanted to be Miss Popularity. I think it’s a quirk in my genetic makeup: I just don’t care if everybody thinks I’m great or cool or fabulous or sexy or whatever other people aspire to be. I’m just me. I mostly like me.

I just like to have a forum where I can shout my grievances of the world to the world. I like having people with whom I can talk intelligently about those grievances. And I like to make fun. That’s pretty much why I blog.

Perhaps that’s a holdover from my junior high school Goth days (we were called Gurus then – potayto, potahto). I just didn’t care if I was part of the “in crowd.” I’m happy in my skin, and I’ve never desired to be anyone else. I think that pisses people off; I don’t know why.

Anyway, all of the above boils down to: while I’m grateful for the Instalanche, I’m feeling really good that it probably won’t ever happen again. I just don’t deal well with blooming idiots on a regular basis.

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7 comments on “Site Stats

  1. Prudie says:

    I’ll never be Miss Congeniality either.

  2. Abbadon says:

    What post did GR link???

    I blog for me as well. I like hits only because it brings new and interesting people around periodically. Like YOU!


  3. CGHill says:

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve never had more than 3100 hits in a single day, and I’ve been toiling in this virtual vineyard for twelve years.

  4. Prudie says:

    Abbadon, GR linked that worth in bed post where there were so many new commenters. The post where I had to delete a hell of a lot of comments for pimping.

    CGHill, I’ve been “blogging” since 1997. Same here. (I say “blogging” because it wasn’t always called that.)

  5. pajama momma says:

    *comes over to prudie’s blog
    *kicks abbadon in the shins
    *laughs and laughs and laughs

  6. CGHill says:

    Well, the one Instalanche I got brought me a whole 53 visitors, which I suppose proves something, although I’d hate to imagine what it might be.

  7. Abbadon says:

    PJM is looking for a spankin’…

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