The “Luck” of the Irish

My family is Scotch-Irish and came to the southeastern US in the mid-1600’s. Yeah, we’re descendants of those Appalachian moon-shiners (with a lot of Cherokee thrown in). And we’ve never been particularly lucky. Now I know why

Do you suppose that the saying “the luck of the Irish” is meant to be ironic?

And yes, I realize that this would have been more relevant had I posted this on or near St. Patrick’s Day.

[Via Andrea Harris.]


2 comments on “The “Luck” of the Irish

  1. wendikelly says:

    That’s interesting, my father’s ancesters were Irish brothers who ended up in the West Virginia Mountians.

  2. Abbadon says:

    I think LOTI was always meant to be a sarcastic phrase referring back to the days of the potato famine and English domination.

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