Bride Kills Groom On Honeymoon After Reception Humiliation

Well now, this is just silly. (Here’s the link if the YouTube embed thingie doesn’t work again.)

LATER: In related news, this has got to be the gayest prison. Ever. It’s kind of cool, but that’s got to be the ugliest girl I’ve ever seen.

EVEN LATER: I think that they practice humiliation in this prison to keep the prisoners in line. Hee. Here’s an explanation (it’s kind of long).

The Men in Power Have Done It Yet Again

I had no idea that my love of Firefly  was yet another plot by the “Men in Power” who have no other desire than to subjugate my entire gender. Thank God for feminists. Otherwise, I would have attributed my love for Firefly  to the character-driven plot, interesting concept, lovely acting, and Adam Baldwin. Once again, feminists have saved me from myself! As LabRat said:

I didn’t know that liking that show was liking the sensation of a male fist in my face over and over again either.

Thus is the Power of Men, sister. They hit you, fool you into thinking you like it, then make you forget you ever felt it in the first place.


You know, if the “Men in Power” were as all-powerful and as anti-female as feminists believe, women would never have been given the ability to vote. Ever.

And don’t even get me started on Feminism…

Sunshine On My Shoulders

So I’m now at the leprosy phase of sunburn. Which made me a hit at Wal-Mart and Home Depot this morning. Normally, I love how Southerners are friendly, talk-to-anybody kind of folk.  But I did get tired of the “Is that sunburn? Ouch!” type questions I heard multiple times this morning. How often was I tempted to “here’s your sign” them? Too, too often. I am a weak woman indeed.

Great huge swaths of skin peel of my shoulders to reveal… well, it looks like red crocodile skin. Isaw a movie on the SciFi channel about something similar to this. Actually, I think I have the DVD of the series.

Burn, Baby Burn!

Sunburn inferno! Ouch!

Yesterday, I finally got around to planting my baby tomato plants. They are gorgeous, all 17 of them. The weather was perfect – just cool enough to be comfortable and just hot enough to help the tomatoes. So yesterday, I wore a sleeveless shirt. It was just hot enough to need it.

I checked often to make sure my white, white shoulders were doing OK. And I liberally applied sunscreen and often stopped to lounge in the shade. None of that mattered. About 2 hours after I came inside my shoulders were deep, deep red. Lobster red. Fire engine red.

Painful red. I hate being sunburned; it’s just a miserable feeling. You’re both hot and cold. There’s no way to get comfortable. And forget sleeping! Oy.

I’ve been applying Aloe gel I keep in the fridge for kitchen burns. And I’ve been slathering on Neutrogena’s After-Sun treatment. 

I’ve been looking up treatments for sunburn on the internet and I found a nasty surprise: sunscreen increases your chance of getting malignant melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. WTF? Oh sure, sunscreen helps with the two carcinoma types of skin cancer, but it increases your chance of getting the nastiest type. Lovely. Apparently, the only way to prevent skin cancer caused by the sun is to wear a burqa with UPF 50.