Indiscriminateness of Thought

Here’s an amazing video about the modern liberal mindset. Evan Sayet presents the thought process of modern liberalism in a new way. It’s less about control, as I have always thought, and more about acceptance. And not mere acceptance as most rational people accept things or issues or other people. It’s about acceptance of anything, even when that thing is contrary to a critical, rational decision-making process. (Sayet calls this all encompassing acceptance indiscriminateness.)

With that broad acceptance of everything in mind, it follows that any decision or judgement made will be viewed as being based on discrimination. And since we all have been taught by government schools since kindergarten that discrimination of any sort is evil, then the subject of that decision or judgement is immediately the victim. No allowances are given for whether the subject is right or wrong, good or bad, innocent or guilty. They are a victim because of that decision, and are thus to be aided and helped.

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  1. Powerful video! It’s length made me almost stop viewing on several occasions, but each hesitation gave way to another brilliant, salient point about Liberal thinking, and misguided values.

    His analogy of a friend who hates his wife to 9/11 was spot on. Sadly, gravely.

    Can modern liberalism’s roots, this devastating moral equivalency be traced back to a single cause? To a jumping off point, when discriminating thought became evil, and to be shunned by all?

    Yeah. We stopped seeking God, and His will in our lives and in our institutions like school. Morality became the oft used phrase, “If it feels good, do it.”

    I used to like “Star Trek”. All that beating up the Klingons; every controversy encountered, corrected in just under an hour… Until I thought about the “United Federation of Planets”, the UN of the galaxy: Created only after Earth had become a one-world government, and the covert intention it held to be totally indiscriminate. Pure Liberalism.

  2. Prudie says:

    It is very long. But still very good.

    I’m not sure the jumping off point for Liberalism was about seeking God. I think it was more of a rejection of judgement period, regardless of religion. It was a rejection of morality, which you don’t need God or religion to have – it consists of more than “feeling good.” I’m a heathen and I’m still a conservative in most respects. I think it has more to do with critical thinking (i.e., the willingness to judge behavior as bad and good based on the results of that behavior) than any religious beliefs. I don’t have to believe in a God to realize the benefits of marriage vs. living together, abstinence vs. promiscuity, or morality vs. immorality in general.

    Yeah, I think the “feel good” sixties had an important part to play. The counter culture didn’t like being judged by the establishment.

    I’m with you regarding Star Trek. Though, I stopped being a fangirl after realizing it was communist propoganda.

  3. wyomissa says:


    LOVE the video! Thanks so much! I have no doubt we will be blog buddies! Can’t wait to read tomorrow!

  4. Jason.C says:

    This is regarding the “How modern liberals think” video, I have had a lot of time to reflect on this subject, and the so called cult of indiscrimatness, I am now referring to them not as liberals or modern liberals but what I believe is more appropriate and that is “Indiscriminates” which ‘as I see it encompass all or most in the west and is spilling over to other areas in the world, most are unaware of it and its implications, and a closer examination one can see it playing a debilitating role in affairs where ever you find a concentration of left-wing thinkers, the refusal of admittedly left wing papers in the northwest like the Seattle Post-intelligencer in which refused to publish photo’s of two middle eastern men curiously examining sensitive areas of fairies on the Puget sound,the authorities desire to question the individuals, Seattle P.I.s refusal’ The reasons given were ones regaurding the nature of the men’s ethnicisity ?this like most non-sense in the western world is usually associated with the Left-wing,however is not isolated to the Left, as seen in Many churches across America where you can hear the tones of indiscrimateness’ -Political correctness.
    this as well as

  5. Prudie says:

    Not to be a jackass, but… huh?

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