Day Seventeen: Shiny!

Short explanation:

Day seventeen on the Warrior Diet is better than day three. My skin looks great. My hair has never shined like this without some serious product application. And the sugar cravings are all but gone. Sweet. I mean, nice.

Long explanation:

I’ve been juicing like crazy. It’s a good thing I like carrots, celery, and apples, because that’s mainly what I drink most days. Also, the smoothies are a life saver: they have both more sugar and more fiber than the juice. So they’re sweet and filling at the same time.

Exercise consists mainly of gardening and housework with a little Miracle Ball thrown in for some seriously needed de-stressing. I’m working up to walking in the mornings, but that’s going to wait until gardening doesn’t cause me to lose my breath.

I haven’t noticed any weight loss, though some of my clothes fit better and others are loose. I do have to admit, I don’t weigh myself. I don’t think that weight is a good measurement of health. It’s all about how you feel and how fit you are. (I’m writing another post about that. Fair warning: It looks like it’s going to be long.)

The Warrior Diet makes me feel good. I have more energy. And it has cured my long problem with acid reflux. I’m not taking any pills for it; I had been taking an acid reducer once or twice a day for a good year. So it’s nice to be off the medicine completely. I’m also sleeping better and waking up in the night less often.

All in all, I have little complaints about the Warrior Diet. Fresh produce is expensive; and I’m not even buying organic like the diet recommends. Also, juicing is a time-consuming activity. I have a centrifugal extractor. So clean-ups take a little while. I’ve solved most of the time problem by making about a liter of juice once a day. The diet recommends making juice as you drink it, but I can’t image cleaning my juicer every time I drink juice. I’d never do anything but clean the juicer, which would lead to me not juicing at all. Letting the juice sit for a few hours in the fridge is better than not juicing at all. So I think I’ve got a good compromise there.

Still, the Warrior Diet is turning out to be a good thing. So far, I highly recommend it.



2 comments on “Day Seventeen: Shiny!

  1. pajama momma says:

    Yes! YAY! I’m so excited for you. It’s sad that this thing is not out there more often. I agree it’s a lot more work, but the way I feel is worth it.
    And it has cured my long problem with acid reflux.
    Me too! It’s the flippin’ carbs.

    Oh and I don’t make the juice as I go either or I’d go insane.

    I’m really excited for you. :)

  2. Prudie says:

    Thanks! I’m excited too. More people need to know about this thing.

    It’s not as much work as some diets, like the Six Week Body Makeover. OMG. You have to eat real prepared meals every three hours or so with that diet. THAT is some real work.

    And yeah, it makes me feel good enough that I’m willing to put up with cleaning the juicer once a day and the blender two or three times a day. :) (I luv me some smoothies.)

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