More Climate Modeling

See? I told you so. Climate computer models are worth shit if the assumptions aren’t right. When you assume in the models that global warming is occurring, then the model will show that global warming is occurring. Because, you know, that was the premise upon which you based the model in the first place.

So now that the most recent data shows that warming isn’t happening, all those modelers scratch their heads in confusion. They predicted a warming and they got a cooling. What to do? I will much enjoy the hand wringing from the climate change modelers that is sure to follow.

This is what happens when eager scientists and engineers get their hands on computer programs when they don’t understand the basic concepts of 1) the program in particular and 2) computer modeling in general. PhD or no, when you don’t understand the above, the results are meaningless.

But even though there’s plenty of reasonable doubt regarding global warming (and the premise that man causes it (hubris, I say!)), plenty of climate change believers are going to still believe that global warming is occurring because of man.

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3 comments on “More Climate Modeling

  1. Abbadon says:

    Does this mean the Goreskin will be out of work in the next decade?

  2. Prudie says:

    Let’s all hope it does. I am mighty sick of that man and his followers. You’d think the sky was falling the way they carry on.

  3. McGehee says:

    It is — on their dreams of big government as savior of the planet.

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