Obama’s Little Controversy: What Does Five Days Mean?

Controversy? A tad. Perhaps even a smidgen.

I’ll tell you how I feel about it: numb.

Really, I am completely numb from the plain out old fashioned rage boiling inside me. Now, at any old time, saying that 9/11 is (to paraphrase) America’s chickens coming home to roost is nasty. Saying it with such unfetered glee, with such schadenfreude, is abominable. So when I hear that such putridity is coming from the spiritual adviser of a presidential candidate, well, it makes me fucking angry.

And then I find out that such things were said on 9/16/01, only 5 days after 9/11. Well, that is quite a different matter. Ace puts it best (I linked to the whole thing above, but here’s a quote that boils the timing down for me):

Firemen were still digging through skin-blistering ash in a futile effort to find more survivors of the 9/11 attacks. And putting their health at risk breathing heavily in air heavily tainted with asbestos and toxins.

This is when Wright felt all that schadenfreude about the 9/11 attacks. We hadn’t even finished cleaning up. Hell, we hadn’t even finished finding the remains of everyone who died just five days earlier. For crying out loud, even the most hardened America-hating leftist waited a year or so before making these kinds of statements. But Wright? Five days.

That takes some kind of hate, right there. Ace had something to say about that, too:

[I]t represents a vindication of his sickening worldview and a well-deserved comeupppance for the nation he so deeply hates.

Like I said: schadenfreude. That video just oozes it.

You know, everyone was going to church like crazy immediately following 9/11. The churches were packed; that was all over the news. I find it hard to believe that Obama didn’t to the same thing and go to church following 9/11. So it’s likely that he heard this. Perhaps not at this specific time, but at another. (If there’s one thing I know about preachers, it’s that they reuse material from one sermon to the next.) And Obama never thought this was controversial?

 But it’s such a small thing, pay it no mind. Nothing to see here. Move along.


2 comments on “Obama’s Little Controversy: What Does Five Days Mean?

  1. Fr. J. says:

    Beautifully said. Thank you.

    let me add:

    Yes, it was a gutsy speech. But, it was the speech he has been avoiding all along. He was forced into it. And, I dont find it convincing.

    Obama used an emotional device to get the listener to stop thinking. “I will not disown” This language gets us to feel an emotional bond. But, emotional bonds to people with wicked thoughts and who teach lies and falsehoods are dangerous.

    Obama ought to disown this man, not yesterday, but 20 years ago. Obama upon hearing that Klannish thinking should have run the other way.

    But, Obama held on to Wright and Trinity because they were his tie to a black community he had never been a part of. Obama, from an elite prep school in Hawaii and Harvard, was looking for street cred in the hood. He has used Wright for 20 years. And, this is just as evil as the words of Wright himself.

  2. Prudie says:

    I wasn’t convinced either. I wanted to be. I live in the South, and racial violence is always something we fear here. So the thought of it being stirred up again…. well, I think a lot of us down here are shaking in our boots waiting to see what happens next.

    I agree. Obama’s 20 year membership to that church does seem a bit like opportunism.

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