Day One

And before supper I was ready to chew on my nails.

Here’s the theory: all the sugar I once ate is somehow embedded in them. Thus, chewing on my nails will satisfy this craving for sugar I have found myself bearing. Do nails store sugar? No? Damn. I ate my thunbnail for nothing.

So today’s day one of the Warrior Diet. And I cheated and ate a Saltine. What can I say? I’m weak. That’s probably why I need to diet in the first place.

I think I need more variety in what I eat during the day. [For the blissfully unaware: on the Warrior Diet, you can only eat raw foods during most of the day.] The only raw foods I had on hand were 3 Roma apples, a stalk of celery, a grapefruit of questionable ripeness (ripe-itude? ripe-idity?), and a somewhat withered carrot. So I think I may need variety.

Grocery shopping will be the first thing I do tomorrow morning.


2 comments on “Day One

  1. pajama momma says:

    Smoothies, smooothies, smoothies and juices, fresh juices. I could not survive this way of eating if I didn’t have my smoothies.

    They really satisfy your sugar cravings. In fact, I freaking hate eating raw fruits and vegetables so this is the only way I do it. And I have a hard boiled egg or two because I need the protein. I’m not a saint or a masochist (prolly the same thing).

  2. Prudie says:


    I’ve been doing the hard boiled thing, too, along with a small bit of cheese because I find myself craving milk.

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