Blog Comment Fubar

Something is screwy with the comments right now. Nothing is showing up in the right entry, with the right name, etc. So until the ghosts decide to leave my blog alone, or until WordPress gets the comment problem fixed, commenting will be impossible. I’ll let you know (all two of you) when the commenting ghostie has been exorcised.

UPDATE: Just checked with WordPress, and yes, indeed, all blogs are having commenting problems. Since tech support is out until onday morning, I suppose we’re all just going to have to deal with it. Not that it bothers most of you, I know, since you’re mostly lurkers. Still.

ANOTHER USELESS UPDATE NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT: Sigh. In the spirit of I Has a Hot Dog and I Can Has Cheeseburger, I give you a very sad puppy who fully explains how I feel:

I can no has blog comments?

FINAL UPDATE: It’s fixed now. That was fairly fast. Now what was I going to blog about when I logged on to my site…


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  1. Prudie says:

    Sniff. Test?

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