Blizzard Blog 2008

It’s snowing.

It’s not going to stick at all. And there are such small flakes that my camera can’t even pick them up. But still, it’s snowing! Rest assured, my little southern heart is shrieking madly like a five-year-old on a big-girl roller-coaster at Six Flags.

I give it an hour, tops, before the local supermarkets are emptied of water, milk, bread, beer, and toilet paper. Never say Southerners can’t prioritize in emergencies.

And yes, I will once again live blog the blizzard. Stay tuned. I’m sure something very exciting will happen very shortly concerning this unexpected blizzard.

[And yes, I tend to dramatize snow when we get it. If you’ve ever been in Georgia when a portion of the state gets some winter weather, you’d understand why.]

UPDATE 8:25AM: Still snowing.

UPDATE 8:30AM: When will this monstrous storm ever stop? Gloom! Dispair! And agony on me!