Speculation Abounds!

A military recruiting office was bombed this morning in Manhattan. Speculation is, of course, all over the place. The most reasoned (and you can further define “reasoned” in this case as “not speculating all over the place” and “no wild ass conspiracy theories present”) analysis seems to be over at Confederate Yankee (though, in the comments, a bit of conspiracy seems to have taken root in all the “false flag” nonsense being thrown around – luckily most seem to not take it too seriously).

Predictably, Ace’s morons have… well, they’re being themselves. Which means there’s lots of fun mockery and snark to be had over there. 

LindaSOG notes the date, which ties in nicely with that whole “Recreate68” thing Michael Goldfarb wrote about. And Glenn Reynolds wonderswhere Obama’s pal Bill Ayers is.