Red – the Blood of Angry Men; Black – the Dark of Ages Past

Normally, I avoid Hollywood navel gazing like the plague. Really. I hate it when Hollywood turns its collective gaze inward and sighs. “How can we be so superrific when there is so much wrong with the world?” It’s a narcissistic exercise I hate – and it typifies Hollywood. A few of the anointed ones will make a “political statement” (and by “political statement” I mean “a statement of stupefyingly stupid moonbattery”).

Now, normally you will not find me reading about Hollywood award show fashion. But I did, in a moment of weakness, expecting to read all about how so-and-so shouldn’t have worn quite so many bows or whats-her-name shouldn’t have worn a dress with so many ruffles. Still, even taking into Hollywood’s penchant for navel gazing, I was stunned to find some such narcissistic navel gazing amongst the talk of hemlines and sequins. They were writing about color, an innocent enough topic so I thought, and how most were wearing black or red. But no, Cameron Diaz broke the somber parade of red and black with blush (for the testosterone enhanced out there, blush is a girly word for pink):

It was Cameron Diaz who looked like she was of another moment. Blush felt out of place—like it belonged to a more carefree, innocent time.

Oh, for crying out loud. What, exactly makes this time less carefree and innocent? Oh wait, they answer that on page 2:

We’re also entering, or have entered—depending on who you ask—a recession, and then there’s the war.

Sigh. Of course. I suppose that it couldn’t have been that red and black are both classic kick-ass colors that have been absent from fashion for some time and, fashion being cyclical, it was time for them both to come back in style. Of course not. It’s all about the recession and the war. Because you know that no one picks the color of their award show finery based on whether the color actually looks good on them. Oy.