Yankees and Damn Yankees

You know, where I come from we have a saying – you’ve probably heard it if you’ve lived anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line:

People who are from the North and visit the South are called Yankees. People who are from the North and move to the South are called Damn Yankees.

Yeah, it’s an old one. 

Seriously, Damn Yankees take note: moving to the South, then complaining about all the unsophisticated rednecks/hicks/droolers/knuckle-draggers/whatever-you-want-to-call-the-locals will not endear you to the said knuckle-dragging populace. That’s why we call you a Damn Yankee.

We don’t have a catchy phrase for the ones who’ve never even been down here and still manage to condemn the whole lot of us from a few hundred miles away. That little oversight should probably be rectified. F’n Yankees, anyone?