Well, Now What?

I don’t care for the fact, sir, that you have a point. I guess my whole bonfire idea is about to go up in smoke, huh.

MORE: Eh, I can still hate McCain and vote for him. I guess. I don’t know what I’m going to do. And the fact that I am even considering voting for the bastard this November heats me up something fierce – this is exactly how he plans (and has planned this whole time) on gaining conservative votes this November. Sucker enough conservatives in the primary to win the nomination then give the rest no other choice in the general. Dammit.

So, yeah. I may vote for him. But I can still hate the man forever. And I can be angry for a while yet.

Still, it’s only February. Nine months or so until the election. Anything can happen. NY won the Super Bowl didn’t they? Maybe we’ll find some third party candidate in the next few months.