Obama’s Slogan

I think Obama has, perhaps, the best looking signs of all the candidates. I have two little problems with his slogan: Change we can believe in.

 Obamachange        Obamachange2

First, the word “change” has been used so much by so many candidates, it drives me batty. Seriously, enough with the change! We get it. Everyone wants change, even the ones who are part of and have significant roles in the current government (like *ahem* Obama).

Last, he ends his slogan with a preposition. The bastard. It should read: Change in which we can believe. Sheesh.

Still, he has pretty signs.

OTHER CAMPAIGN NONSENSE: Seriously, Romney’s signs suck. Hopefully he’ll get an artist to make him some better ones.

And McCain’s signs aren’t any better.

Hillary’s signs are fairly boring, too. But she has some nice shirts.

Obama is definitely winning the sign campaign. Hillary’s got the shirt race sewn up. (Hee.) Poor McCain and Romney need to get their act together. Merchandise matters!