Busy Polls in Acworth

Campaign sign bloggage aside, New Acworth Elementary was hopping when I voted this morning at 10AM. After chatting with a poll volunteer, I found out that they had to call and ask a few volunteers to come in early (they weren’t supposed to work until this afternoon) because it was busier than they expected this morning. They were fairly anxious about how they were going to handle the turnout this afternoon; apparently, the after 5PM polls are always far, far more crowded than the morning and afternoon polls. They are predicting lines, which makes me glad I went in this morning.

After the last presidential general election (Bush v. Gore Kerry) in which I spent 14 hours sitting on the floor of the Gwinnett County Justice Center for advance voting, I am doubly glad I went in this morning. Oh, I don’t think anyone is predicting that there will be those kind of lines in Acworth. Still, I didn’t have to stand in line at all this morning. I was in and out in under 10 minutes, including the time I took to talk to one of the volunteers.

I’m a Georgia Voter

[I shamelessly swiped the peach pic from Peach Pundit.]

MORE: Jason Pye is live blogging Super Tuesday. He’s also asking people to share their voting experiences in voting today.

UPDATE: It was Kerry, not Gore. D’oh!