Where’s Hitler? Where’s Nostrodamus? Where’s Jesus? Can I At Least See A Lincoln?

All day Sunday, the History Channel played a marathon. Now, I love marathons. I dearly love to sit on the couch for one day in the weekend and watch some sort of marathon on TV. Sometimes it’s Monk. (Natalie is better than Sharona. Just saying.) Sometimes it’s documentaries. Sometimes it’s some TV show I’ve never seen before, but find very interesting when shown in order.

So Sunday, the History Channel played documentaries with one theme: people are evil, planet destroying demons who can only be stopped by the saintly environmental movement via their voodoo prognosticative powers to see into the far, far distant future.

You know, I might buy into more of the “people are causing global warming” line if it weren’t laced with such people-hating, anti-industrial hysteria.

Also, if there were some environmentalists who would admit to the fallacy of their computer models (and to an extent their scientific methods in general), I might feel that they were being honest with me. I might be more inclined to believe them. Eh, more of that topic later. That’s a long topic I don’t have enough time to address right now.

Anyway, that’s the History Channel playing those documentaries. Aren’t they supposed to play shows that are about Hitler and, you know, history and stuff?


One comment on “Where’s Hitler? Where’s Nostrodamus? Where’s Jesus? Can I At Least See A Lincoln?

  1. Derek says:

    I definitely agree about the History Channel. If it’s one station I can watch for all day, it would be that one. Regardless of the topic, they some how keep me glued.

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