All Hail The Greater Evil

You know, I think we’d have fewer problems with terrorists if we had a truly crazy president. Oh, I don’t mean “Ron Paul” crazy or even “meanie old guy McCain” crazy. No, I mean “he will stomp on your homes, rip off your head, suck out your innards – after which he will toss back a few tanker trucks full of natural gas and nuke Greenland for giggles” kind of crazy.  I think that is the only way we’re going to be able to stop the terrorist threat without resorting to wiping out a good portion of the middle east. And perhaps Europe.

Thanks to Kevin at the Smallest Minority, I’ve finally found  just such a presidential candidate. He’s a type of crazy I can support. I think he’ll scare the hell out of the bad guys. And hey, he’s even got tentacles. (So our Japanese allies will love him.)


Mighty Cthulhu! Hear the Call of the Cthulhu!

Call me Cthulhi.