Ten Year Anniversary

I feel old. I can’t believe that it’s been 10 years since the Monica Lewinsky scandal. (Is that the diamond or the pearl anniversary?)

I was in college when it happened, and had been blogging for about 6 months. (Well, OK. It was called a “home page” where I expressed my opinions. I don’t think that the word “blog” was even around then. If it was, I didn’t know it. Also, I had no CMS. I did everything in HTML, which now seems a bit like chipping away at a stone tablet with a wet noodle. </geek>)

The scandal itself didn’t influence my political leanings. I never was a Clinton fan, was never a Democrat. And the Republicans burned their bridges with me long before the scandal broke on Drudge. So I never had a side in the “vast right wing conspiracy” fight that followed. The scandal didn’t mark a time that changed my political leanings one way or the other.

What it did do, though, was make me despise feminists. Until that point, I proudly called myself a feminist. Looking back, I’m ashamed to admit that I never really investigated what feminism is. I thought because I was a female, I should be one.

I belonged to a few feminist organizations and frequently railed against “the man” on my home page. NOW (the National Organization of Women) was fierce in fighting against the stereotypical boss/underling romances. Well, they were until the Lewinsky scandal broke. They made all kinds of excuses for Clinton, and their support for him never wavered. In their view, it wasn’t OK for the average CEO to have an affair with his secretary, but it was OK for the President to have an affair with his intern. The Lewinsky scandal exposed NOW as hypocrites.

It pissed me off. And it made me realize that NOW was more of a political arm of the DNC than a true organization fighting for equality between the sexes. After further investigation (and a whole lot of soul searching on my part), I discovered that modern feminism isn’t at all about equality among the sexes; it is about gaining political power, demoralizing men, and advancing socialist ideals.

Before the scandal I was a feminist Libertarian; afterwards, I was simply a Libertarian.

I remember the mess that followed Drudge’s big news. Some found it fun. I found it tiring nonsense. I have to say, I don’t want 8 more years of a Clinton II reign filled with the same nonsense. Aside from Hillary’s political views, that nonsense is reason number 1 to hope Hillary doesn’t become Madam President.


11 comments on “Ten Year Anniversary

  1. Cody says:

    The scandal never bothered me much, actually. Heck, I was only 10. But in later years, when I full understood what happened, it still didn’t bother me. So Clinton had an affair. Can the American public (warts and all) really judge him because of that? He was a great political leader, and that’s what matters more to me.

  2. Prudie says:

    “Great political leader?” ROFLMAO

    Good grief.

  3. McGehee says:

    Cody, I think you don’t “full understand” what it was about…

  4. Cody says:

    You mock a simple typo? How juvenile.

    If you disagree with my judgment of Clinton, that’s fine. But please, leave the ridicule far, far away. It just makes you look petty.

  5. Prudie says:

    No ridicule. Just think the idea is funny.

  6. Cody says:

    Then why the “good grief”?

  7. McGehee says:

    Cody, I may have referenced the typo, but what I was responding to was your notion that it was just about “an affair.” It was about a lawsuit, in which Clinton was required by law to answer truthfully when asked about “an affair.” By lying under oath, he didn’t merely “lie about sex,” he deliberately tried to deprive an American citizen of her right to seek justice — under a sexual harassment law he himself had supported.

    Furthermore, in attempting to get Linda Tripp to also lie under oath about what she knew, he also attempted to suborn perjury.

    He being the President of the United States at the time, that’s a pretty serious matter.

    So, no — you don’t fully understand what it was about.

  8. Cody says:

    Actually, I did understand that. But the outrage (at least from my encounters) was more about the affair than the lie. Most people I’ve talked to still cite his infidelity instead of his perjury as the reason they don’t like him.

    So, he may have lied under oath, but that’s not why most people judge him.

  9. Prudie says:

    Cody, in my experience, most of the outrage (from people I know/knew and/or blogged with at the time) was over the lie/perjury. I didn’t care about the sex. Sure it was embarassing. But the perjury was a completely different matter. When I say that the scandal bothered me, it’s in reference to the entire mess that followed, not just the sex.

    I think that in the years since the scandal, the media has spun the outrage over the mess into a “Conservatives got all het up over the president gettin’ some from an intern when he was married” type of a story when it was really a “he got caught with his pants down, perjured himself over it, had friends/cronies steal all kinds of information, escaped prison, and covered ip the whole mess and more” kind of an issue. There was much more to the issue than Clinton’s inability to keep his zipper up, believe me. I was 22 at the tine and I remember it well. Hell, I blogged about it, nonstop.

    I think you were very young when it all happened and I think most of what you’ve heard has been the media spin about Conservative reaction to it.

    And the “good grief” was about laughing so hard and long, not about you. Don’t take it personally. One thing you should know about me: don’t assume I’m insulting and/or ridiculing you. When I insult/ridicule, I’m not very subtle about it. Had I been insulting/ridiculing you, I would have said something personal about you – not very subtle at all, I promise. See any of my posts about Ron Paul or Huckabee for examples. Hell, see the post about Cynthia McKinney. That is ridicule.

  10. Cowboy Blob says:

    I feel old. I can’t believe that it’s been 10 years since the Monica Lewinsky scandal. (Is that the diamond or the pearl anniversary?)

    In this case, it’s the Pearl Necklace Anniversary.

    [runs away]

  11. Prudie says:

    Bwa ha ha! Don’t run! Come back! I thought it was funny. My gun isn’t loaded. Well, it’s not pointed at you at least.

    Sigh. I’m not that scary.

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