Blizzard Blog 2008

So. We have snow. A lot of it. For proof, I offer the following picture.

Snow 1

What? You don’t see the snow? It’s right there. Maybe the flakes will show up better when it gets dark.

I’ll be liveblogging the snow tonight. Well, I’ll try. No promises if the power goes out.

I was at Wal-Mart earlier today (no, not to get snow supplies – to get toothpaste and frozen egg rolls). The place didn’t have much milk, bread, toilet paper, or beer. Never say Georgians don’t have priorities.

UPDATE 5:30PM: I expect school to be cancelled any minute.

UPDATE 5:31PM: See? See? Snow. (It’s those white-ish streaks.)

Snow 2

Is it sticking? I can’t tell.

UPDATE 6:30PM: It’s sticking! We have at least less than a quarter inch of snow covering the grass right now. We might have to call in the National Guard to dig us out. I am now worried about having enough toilet paper to last the entire time we’re stuck at home because of this monster storm.

UPDATE 6:35PM: See? Churches have already started cancelling events for tonight. School closings won’t be far behind for tomorrow. [Dammit. I hate my neighbors’ kids. I hope they won’t be home all day tomorrow; they are noisy little hellions.]

UPDATE 6:44PM: Even Jason has snow.


6 comments on “Blizzard Blog 2008

  1. McGehee says:

    What? You don’t see the snow? It’s right there.

    If I didn’t know better, I might think you were mocking me. ;-)

  2. Prudie says:

    Nope. No mocking. At least, not intentionally. Though, it would have been really funny if it had been intentional. Alas, I’m not that creative. All my creative juices are frozen in this deluge of snow we’ve got.

    Does snow create a deluge? Or should I have said “plethora?” I’m from Georgia and have no clue as to the proper snow terminology.

  3. McGehee says:

    Snow creates backaches if you shovel it. Wallet-aches if you try to drive in it without chains. And mud when it melts.

    But in Georgia mostly, it creates supermarket stampedes and empty shelves.

  4. McGehee says:

    Um, how the heck did my subsequent comment end up on a whole other post?

  5. Prudie says:

    I have no idea. My blog may be haunted. Or perhaps it’s dementia brought on by all the snow. :-D

    Here’s that wayward comment.

    I think my blog is a bit complicated. When you look at a post on the main page, the link to leave a comment is above the post. On most blogs, it’s at the bottom. So I think that may be a bit confusing. I need to change the style, I think.

  6. Prudie says:

    You know that IS weird. The post your comment showed up on is at least 4 posts ago. I think my blog is haunted. I have no other explanation.

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