Huckabee just gave a speech. You know, when a live national spotlight is on him, he talks a good game. He hit all the highpoints in his speech: limited government, lower taxes, personal freedom, blah blah blah. If it weren’t for his record as governor, we wouldn’t know that he’s exactly against all that. So I’ve had him in my “Misguided” candidate category. It’s a category I place candidates in when I believe they do mean genuine good for the US, but just don’t seem to know the best way to do it (which, of course, means that they don’t agree with me).

So thank heavens for the internet. There are all kinds of goodies on it that have caused me to revise my mental candidate categories from time to time. I’ve just moved Huckabee from the “Misguided” category to the “Dangerous” one. Changing the Constitution to suit a particular theology is very dangerous to anyone who values freedom, no matter what the theology.

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