Candidates, Take Notes

Attention presidential candidates, especially future independent or “third party” candidates who have not yet declared their intentions: What he said.


One comment on “Candidates, Take Notes

  1. McGehee says:

    Re your 6:35 update, my wife got a voicemail from her Wednesday night Bible study group, they’ve canceled too.

    A few years ago here I was working for an inventory company and we were scheduled to go do a store on the northside, arriving before the morning commute would begin — but the southside started getting such heavy snow it was accumulating pretty deep in the street.

    The supervisor for the job actually called me and asked if I thought we should reschedule, and I told her if I were in charge I would — even if all of our people knew how to drive in this much snow (which of course they wouldn’t), we couldn’t be sure of our safety trying to share the road with other drivers in those conditions.

    We did that store a couple of days later. The snow wasn’t all gone yet but at least the roads were clear and dry.

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